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Article of clothing number two for the 30 for 30 challenge done!
I cut up Ralph Lauren today.
Ok maybe not the man himself. But one of his shirts.
And quite frankly, rightfully so. What self respecting man would wear purple checkers? No wonder it was tossed out for me to find and start cooing and petting and saying “my precious.”
This is the first time {that I can recall} that I made a blouse from a men’s shirt.
I wanted something boxy that would be nice and airy for summer.
Because let’s face it, if I feel sweaty, I don’t care what I look like.
And I get reaaaaly cranky when I get hot. But no one needs to know that. Pretend I’m perfect…Mmmkay? Thanks.
To make this, I took in the sides, shortened the length, chopped off the sleeves, and changed the collar.
I think I could wear this all summer. I need more men’s shirts!
Off to Mason’s closet…
P.S. I wear the same pants two days in a row. So what? I’m perfect, remember? I know you do it, too.
Bag & t-shirt: made by me. Tank & shoes: Urban Outfitters. Pants: thrifted.
To get this look I took this t-shirt, turned it inside out, added a lacy tank and threw on some skinny jeans.
{Threw on used loosely. We all know it takes a stick of butter and an extra set of hands to get on skinny jeans.}
This past weekend we got conned by my sister in to going to a health seminar by The Green Smoothie Girl. It was….interesting… I mean there was a lot of talk talk talk and little info. The whole thing was a loooong drawn out story. BUT I did leave feeling pumped about taking better care of myself.
I cut out a ton of preservatives in my diet a few months ago. Turns out I was eating myself sick. Long story. Another time.
But now I feel great.
So this whole hour long sha-bang was about one thing: The Green Smoothie. Basically, it’s a smoothie with a bunch of veggies in it.
It’s supposed to increase energy, aid digestion and help with weight loss.
And here’s us drinking them…
I thought i was delish! Mason thought it looked like slime.
Maybe if I keep drinking them I’ll no longer need that stick of butter to get into my skinnies.
Do you drink green smoothies? What are your thoughts?
This is the dress from my last post. I bet you didn’t know you could wear it a million different ways…
And there’s still more ways. Cool huh?
Want to make it yourself? Here’s how:
You will end up needing several yards of jersey fabric.
First make a circle skirt. Circle skirts are incredibly easy. There’s a great tutorial over here on Made.
But stop just before you sew on the waist band.
You’re now going to cut two really really ridiculously long rectangles.
To get the measurements for the rectangle, measure from between your chest to under your armpit. That’s the short side of the rectangle.
For the long side, take your height and add it to half of your height. For example, I’m 5’4″, or 64 inches. So the long side of my rectangle was 64″+32″ for a total of 92 inches. 
Use these measurements to cut out your two long rectangles. 
You can now go on to sew on the waistband to the skirt. Along with the waistband, you will sew the rectangles to the skirt. To do this, lay out your skirt flat with the right side up. Now pin one of the short sides from each rectangle to the skirt waist, right sides of the triangles facing the right side of the skirt. You want them to overlap an inch or two. Now pin the waistband to the skirt. Sew everything together! 
This dress is very forgiving and people with basic sewing skills can make this.
Get creative with all the ways you can wear it as a dress. You can also hike it up high to create a tunic top or wrap the straps around your waist several time to create a skirt.
Endless opportunities.
I re-vamped a shirt that has been sitting in my closet, feeling unloved, for far too long.
I realized, looking over the pieces I picked for my 30 for 30, that I’m drawn to blue and green.
And since this challenge is about getting out of your style comfort box, I went against my instinct to throw it into a blue/green pot of dye and went coral. I’ve broken that box! Oh yeah.
I also made this dress. Easiest dress to make. Like sewing 101 easy. More on that tomorrow.
In other news, I saw two guys today walking down the street. They’re the baggy pant, wife-beater tank top type guys. They looked like they should have been walking a pit bull. But they weren’t. They were walking a goat.
Gotta love Idaho.
Wondering what that number 5 is all about? Read this post!
Happy Thursday! This dress was made from two thrifted men’s shirts.
It’s lightweight and perfect for these hotter days that are finally showing their shining faces.
I made it a little while ago and have yet to wear it. {Bad me} Enter 30 for 30 challenge and success!
It made it’s way out into the world.