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You could probably tell over the last month or so the posts on my blog have been a little slow coming. It’s because Mason and I were crazy busy helping with The Boise Youth Spectacular. It’s similar to Especially for Youth for those who know what that is. About one thousand teens come for three days to hear inspirational speakers, meet other kids, and to find direction for their life. It’s put on by our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We feel so blessed that we’ve been part of this for the past three years. This year, Mason and I were Counselor Directors. So in the grand scheme of things there are the youth, which are split up into groups of about 16. Each group then had two counselors which were young adult age. Mason and I were over the counselors. We had a lot of work we did leading up to the grand event. But it was sooooooo worth it! Check out a video made by B Roll Production Company of the first two days. I’m not in it much… in the background a lot…but Mason will be hard to miss. When they played this video on the last day, all the kids screamed for him when he came on screen. It was adorable. I love my guy. Also, the girl holding the Jonas sign is my sister. So you know what’s going on… the youth are in street clothes or in blue t-shirts, the counselors are wearing red, staff are wearing white ts and executive staff (that’s us!) are wearing white polos.

My Sister (in yellow) and her husband (right behind her) and some of their kids.
Mason’s Brother (top left. cheesy grin) and his wife (bottom center) and their kids.
Modeled once again by Miss (soon to be Mrs.) Michelle.
P.S. This little darling is my baby sis. Isn’t she adorable?
Mason and I are hooked on a new (to us) card game.
Killer Bunnies.
Have you ever played?
Oh man. It’s hilarious. That’s what our days have consisted of recently.
We go to work, come home, grab dinner and then go head to head brutally murderingseeming innocent rodents
using wire whisks, ebola viruses, and
chocolate-covered anti-matter raisins.
It brings us joy.
Check out their website here if you’d love to join in on the morbid fun.
Alright. Let’s get down to business. Outfit time.
Learn all about my dress that I’m wearing as a skirt here.
And my sweater transformation here.
Both super easy to make!
Have a happy Tuesday!
My few day break turned into a twelve day break.
And now I’m back! Feelin’ gooooood.
Enough of the extra Os.
I’ll fill you in on what was going on later.
It’s all gooooood. Ok, I promise I’m done now.
For now lets talk about my outfit. We know what’s important around here.
I find that what I’m wearing is quite fitting for after a break…
The top I originally made to be a bathrobe. Hah!
But I liked the print so much that I chopped it up and made it into a shirt.
And the belt is my husband’s.
I’ve been wearing a lot of his clothes lately.
Boy’s clothes are the best for lazy days.
C’mon. I know I’m not the only one wearing their man’s duds.
I hope you’re in the mood for more outfits because I’ll be rapidly finishing up my 30 for 30 challenge over the next couple weeks.
Everyone’s done and I’m still at outfit eleven.
Slow and steady.
It’s good to be back.
Remember this shirt from this post? I’ve been on a dyeing kick lately and this kept screaming “DYE ME!!!” Now it’s yellow.
The very next day the Everybody Everywear July challenge was announced to be yellow. I believe the fates were involved on this one.
I wasn’t so sure about it at first, but I can’t help but feel uncontrollably happy when I wear it.
So it’s grown on me despite the bumble bee/school bus remarks.
Anyway, enough about my clothes.
I want to say a huge thank you to all of you out there reading my blog. Seriously. You guys make my day every time you leave a comment. And another huge thanks for the super sweet comments about the car dress! And all the other dresses for that matter!
To show my thanks, when I reach 100 followers I’m going to do a giveaway!
I don’t need a thousand followers or sponsors to supply this! You’ll be getting something hand made from me.
So tell me, would you rather me do one big giveaway like a purse with less of a chance to win? Or several smaller items, like scarves, but more chances of winning?
I want to know! Leave your opinion in the comments!
Mason and I are working on a huge, wonderful project this weekend that requires our undivided attention and all our devotion. I’ll share what it is next week. It’s something we’ve been working on for months. And it’s coming to it’s big end this weekend! It’s gonna be awesome!
So this will be the last post till next week.
But I’ll be back with another Trashion dress and to wrap up my 30 for 30 Challenge.
I hope you lovelies have a spectacular week!!!