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three accessories from one sweater

This is dedicated to all you that are new to sewing! Three easy projects all from one sweater.
I used a sewing machine to make mine, but you can use the super easy whip stitch, seen here, to complete all three items.
One large sweater
Sewing machine or needle and thread
Chalk or something to mark the sweater
To begin, turn the sweater inside out. It will remain this way.
To make the mittens, you will be using both sleeves. Trace around your fingers and thumb, giving ample room for seam allowance. See picture as an aid. Cut out. Pin and sew the outside edge. Turn right side out and try on. Make any adjustments needed. If it fits great, turn inside out again, trace on the other arm. By using your first mitten as a guide, you will end up with mittens of the same size. Repeat all steps.
Mittens! They are warmer than any other pair I own. I can’t wait for colder weather. I may add some buttons down the side for a little more pizzaz.
Now on to the beanie. Use your best fitting beanie and trace it along the hem of the sweater. Make sure to leave seam allowance. Cut out and sew. Turn right side out. Done!
At this point, your sweater will look like this:
Lastly, the headband. Cut a long rectangle across the chest of the sweater. Mine was 5″ thick and the diameter of my head in length. Pin like the above picture and sew. Use you fingers to work it right side out. Sew the last two smaller sides together. And you have a warm, winter friendly headband.
If you’re feeling adventurous, you can use the last bit of scraps to make a bow or flower to attach to the headband.
I hope you enjoy your new cozy accessories!

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The Sisters 4 say MORE is more says:

SO awesome! just pinned it!

knockedupfabulous says:

I LOVE THIS! So (sew) amazing! You are one creative lady!

Alysson says:

oh my gosh I love this idea!!! this is on my to do list now! thanks for sharing!

shana says:

First of all you are adorable! Second, this is such a great DIY…I am working on one with a Leather jacket…but this is great! I am definitely going to do it!!! Thank you for sharing!!

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MsVeve says:

love love love the mittens, will definitely try it!

Linda says:

I pinned something like this just the other day. I love the mittens!!
Thanks for joining us at EBEW.

Fictitious Fashion says:

You are very talented!! Love your work :)

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Kate says:

I found your blog today through EBEW and I'm hooked! Seriously, you're adorable and so incredibly talented! I'm your newest follower :)

Jameil says:

Ma'am!!! That is amazing! I'm literally sitting over here with my mouth open in shock!

Rachel says:

Danggggggg you are so talented! GREAT ideas! Love it.


silvergirl says:

how adorable
popping over from EBEW
just saw some handwarmers this weekend that i wanted,but they were $30
i am thinking i can so make my own using your mittem pattern
can't wait to try

Van @ The Clothes We Wear says:

EEK! You are adorable! I love this tutorial. Thank you. Will definitely try it out. I've got a couple sweaters, that need to be recon'd asap.

jeanofalltrades says:

Love those mittens! I have old sweaters and I'm about to have new beanies and mittens! Thanks for the idea :)

Sorren says:

Oh my goodness! I love this tutorial – the mitts, hat and head band are all wonderful! Now I really really MUST get a sewing machine

classic noise DIY

Megan Mae says:

These are so adorable! And are a great idea if you have or thrift a sweater that isn't in 100% wearable condition.

Pheobe says:

Clever idea–can't believe you got three pieces out of one sweater. I'm surprised no one else had thought about this before! Awesome job!


Anne says:

How clever of you to get a whole matching set out of one sweater! These are adorable. And an excellent reminder that I've been wanting to make sweater mittens forever…

Heather Wingate says:

Love it!!!!!

Cara says:

Does the sweater have to be felted? If not, how do you keep it from unravelling? Just the sewing? Interesting idea, I have a couple sweaters that have shrunk in the wash that I'd love to keep somehow and this is perfect!

Tinfoils Tiaras says:

Wow this is one of the most impressive DIY projects I've seen in a while! I absolutely love the headband- perfect for the colder months!

threadsandbuttons says:

You are WAY too cute. I know want to make all of this, especially the cute bow headband :)

Rachel says:

What a good idea.. so cute. The gloves will keep your arms and hands warm, so smart! :) -R (Distinct.Style.Innovation / Giveaway ends tomorrow!)

kimbercrafts says:

You are so resourceful and creative – I can't wait to try this!

Michelle says:

that's an incredible solution! i'm very impressed. you rock!

Meagan says:

This is such a great idea! I love all the pieces you made!

laura says:

I join with the comments before me! This idea kept me making two hats yesterday. Thanks!

Miss P says:

Eeeep!! I am so doing this! Thanks for sharing!

Melissa says:

Thought I'd stop by & say hello! I love the skirt you made from a mens shirt.

I love what you did here, too! The headband looks SO fabulous on you! And you reminded me that I need to be on the look out for cool wool/cashmere sweaters this season.

last year I found a $3 orange cashmere sweater & made mittens for me & my little girl out of it. If you're looking for an exact pattern, I developed one for grown ups & one for toddlers, both are available to download for free. says:

What an adorable project! I love every item. I wish I had a sweater I wouldn't feel bad cutting up though!

Pink Sun Drops says:

Wow, now THAT is a good use of an old sweater that's lost it's charm as a sweater. Love the mittens, especially!

Discovered you from EBEW!

jemappelleshen says:

oh my! These are fab! Love the bow head band and the mittens are so cute! great idea for that old sweater , thats so cozy but stretched out, or no longer your style! can't wait to try this.

Cathy says:

This is a perfect DIY. Creative and cool, eh. Since it is only made up of 1 sweater, it is very practical and yet still very stylish. Wow!

Cathy@scrubs sale

Shawnee says:

okay, SO so clever! loving the extra long mittens. xo

Helen says:

Hi Krista,
I just wanted to say thank you for this post. Its one of my favs. I’ve featured it on my top 1o list of handmade gifts.

thanks again

lazysaturdays says:

I’m so happy you like it Helen! You are too sweet and thanks for featuring it!

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Vanessa says:

Amazing Krista, thanks for the tutotial

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