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{Shabby Apple dress, thrifted belt, Anthro sweater, Nordstrom tights, fishnets, and bag, boots from friend’s boutique}
A couple hilarious things happened while I was wearing this outfit.
First, Mason and I went to see my sister speak in church yesterday, where she was wearing the exact same dress. With a brown belt. And a yellow sweater. What are the odds? It was awesome.
Second, I decided to layer my fishnets and some colored tights yesterday. Every single person I sat next to asked if they could feel my legs. Luckily I only sat next to women I knew well and Mason. So layer your tights cautiously depending on who you may be sitting next to during your day. People will want to touch.
at this moment I am grateful for:
my darling husband
the church I love to be a part of
the little house we call our home
my family both immediate and extended
the country we live in that gives us so much freedom
our crazy dog that rules our backyard
good food
sewing machines
a great fitting pair of pants {hard to come by}
the fact that I haven’t killed a plant in over a year
when I hear Mason singing a song he just made up
chalkboard paint
my education
fresh bang trims
sunshine during the winter
a great thrift store find
Life is good.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Row 1: Made cupcakes and one magically didn’t rise and Mason’s dessert…ice cream topped with an icecream sandwich.
Row 2: Our dog, Mike, enjoys standing on his dog carrier. I think he thinks he’s king of our backyard. And the aftermath of this post.
Row 3: Driving with Mason.
Row 4: Date with Mason. Killer Bunnies and pasta. It was perfect.
Row 5: Tillamook greatness and this is what happens to my hair sometimes when I wear a headband. My straight hair is not a fan of holding things in place. Picture taken after this post.
Row 6: Mason’s new toy…a ladder. My nephew on his first birthday.
Row 7: Same nephew on the table. You can’t tell from the picture, but there were a bunch of clapping as he danced on the table. Kid has moves. And Mason, me, and sunshine.
In other news, I made a huge mistake this week involving a can of olives and my thumb. Let’s just say one should never try to rip the lid off the can with their bare hands when the can opener fails to complete it’s task. Stupid stupid stupid. I probably needed a couple stitches…seeing as it never fully stopped bleeding that fateful night, but I didn’t want to ruin my stitchless record. So heads up that it may be a bit before I do any sewing again…sigh. I have a lot of dresses that need some upcycled lovin’. Lesson learned. It’s been a long couple days. Try putting on your jeans without using one of your thumbs.
My darlings, use decent can openers.
I married this guy.
It was the best day of my life… and the days have been getting better and better since then. Happy 18 months my handsome Mason! Eternity is going to rock!
{and how cute is the fist pump action going on here? This was right after we got married. I’m a lucky gal.}
Here’s a few ways I’ve been using my bows lately…
What have you been doing with them?