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tight tips: 6 new ways to mix it up

My favorite cold weather accessory is a great pair of colored tights {just scroll thru my outfits to see the proof}. There is so much you can do with them! I’m going to show you six ways to mix yours up!
First, some tight lingo:
opaque- you will see very little of your skin thru the tights.
sheer- you see your skin.
Now you’re set! Ready to be inspired?
I love fishnets but sometimes I feel they may be too sexy for certain occasions. Say church? If you layer them over a fun color it solves the problem!
Variations: Go for a monochromatic look by wearing black tights with black fishnets. It will create a cool texture.
I wear skirts and dresses year round. No matter the weather or temperature. If you wear wool tights and socks I swear you will be warmer than when you wear jeans. It’s awesome. Make sure your socks look thicker than your tights or it may look strangely proportioned.
Variations: Wear with rain boots. You can also layer your wool socks over regular tights.
Put on your colored tights first then layer a fun sheer decorative tight over it. This is a great way to add some subtle color to an outfit.
Variations: Look for fun prints like polka dots or graphic prints to layer.
This one is so much fun! You must try it! Put on one color then put on a sheer color over it. The bottom layer will shine thru the sheer as you move. It’s kinda psychedelic.
Variations: If this much color is a bit daunting, put on a colored pair of tights first, then layer with a sheer pair of black or grey tights.
I think this is my favorite layering of tights. I adore crochet tights, and with a pop of extra color, I’m sold. I could wear this every day.
Variations: Don’t have crochet tights? Have an old pair of tights that have holes in them? Layer over colored tights and have the color pop thru the holes.
A great way to show off a fun pair of socks in the winter is to put them on over a pair of tights. It’s also a great way to keep on wearing your favorite pair of tights that now has a hole in the heel or toe.
Variations: Instead of knee high socks, wear cute ankle socks with a pair of mary jane shoes. Super girly and super cute.
Tips on taking care of your tights: Always hand wash them. It’s kinda a pain but it will make them last longer. Wash them with laundry soap that’s made for delicates. You can find special kinds in department stores at the hosiery counters. Tights have spandex in them that normal detergent will break down, and make them look dingey and loose elasticity. Lastly, avoid wearing them with shoes that rub your feet or have sharp edges. Your tights will wear out more quickly in those areas.
I hope you’re inspired to get adventurous with your tights! Stay tuned all winter because I’ll be showing each technique in at least one outfit!
Everybody, Everywear: Colored Tights

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Cupcake Crazy Gem says:

This is awesome! I absolutely love coloured tights and I love all your tips…especially the decorative sheer over opaque – I've never thought of that on before! I will be giving it a try this Sunday for sure!

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue says:

Amazing ideas! Love the opaque + crochet!
I shared this post on my fb page.. hope you don't mind! :)

Alyx says:

Oh my gosh. I am so in love with all of these! I never bought fishnets because I thought I'd look like a hooker if I wore them, but I LOVE your suggestion of wearing them over a fun color! And the sheer and opaque tight layering!? GENIUS.

shefoundstyle says:

Definitely inspired – where do you get your wool tights? I'm having a hard time finding them.

And, how do you store all your tights?

Este says:

This post is soooo good! I just discovered my new pasion for tights and socks and want to wear them in the winter. Loved the idea with the opaque color + decorative sheer!

Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb says:

Fabulous ideas, thank you! I have worn fishnets in the past over coloured tights but not for years, you've inspired me to try new combinations! I have another suggestion: wear nude sheers over black opaques if you need grey tights… similar to your 4th suggestion but more if you're in a fix and black just won't work!

Catherine x

Kassie says:

This is a great post! I definitely need to get some more colored tights! May be adding them to my "need to get list"! Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Dork says:

I've tried all of these except for the opaque color and sheer color. Colored tights are my absolute favorite! I have two huge boxes of tights–it's absolutely ridiculous!

Emma says:

Found you on EBEW. LOOOOOOVE the opaque + fishnet and opaque + decorative sheer. It's honestly never occurred to me to layer my tights! Will definitely be giving these a try :)

Krista says:

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue — Of course I don't mind! Thank you for sharing!!!

shefoundstyle– I believe my wool tights are from Anthropologie. If you wait till about January, all their tights go on sale. And I store my tights in a plastic-drawer-storage-thing. Nothing fancy :)

Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb– Thanks for another awesome suggestion!

Thanks everyone for the awesome comments!!!!

threadsandbuttons says:

Great ideas and tips! Thanks!

Sam says:

I almost layered my tights this morning, but I was brave instead! Those orange ones are killer! I need more tights now! lol

My Growing Obsessions

Ruby Girl says:

love the polka dots + wool socks! funnnn combo! <3

Loren says:

I love the layered tight look, I've done it a couple times and someone is always impressed. You have a great tights collection nice tips.

Hannah says:

This is hands down one of the best tights mixing posts I've ever read! You have accomplished your goal of inspiring me. I'm bookmarking this for future occasions. Thank you!! 😀

Lex Latte says:

Such great ideas! I fully adore the brightness of the orange tights and yellow fishnets. Also, I must have those yellow flats…

Rachel Sayumi. says:

That was probably one of the best posts i've ever read! thanks for your insights!


Gracey at Fashion for Giants says:

Love the new look and love this post. This is why you are one of my favorites – I want to try all of these!

Valerie says:

super cute and great ideas! i'm definitely going to try some layering this winter. for cuteness AND for warmth :)

Tamsyn says:

I LOVE this!!

meg says:

So lovely Krista! Your blog is exceptional!

Just Me says:

My favorite post so far Krista! And Mason is getting good with that camera. Thanks for the shout-out last week,


letter A studio says:

I never in a million years would have thought to layer tights, but I'm totally gonna do it! I have a pair of fishnets I've never had the guts to wear but will gladly try wearing them layered. How fun!!

Pheobe says:

Absolute genius! Never even thought to put these combinations together for countless looks! Great job.

Megan Mae says:

This is an AMAZING tutorial with examples. I love these ideas.

Brooke says:

I posted about my love of tights today too!!! Great ideas to layer them, why hadn't I thought of that! :)

Bekah: Matters of Merrymaking says:

This was not only the cutest but most informative EBEW post! So glad to be introduced to your blog, and I am excited to read more posts!!

jemappelleshen says:

hey I participated in the EBEW challenge too, came across your link && your tight collection is insane! you have such great ideas for rocking them too, thanks for sharing!

14shadesofgrey says:

What an awesome guide! I love the crocheted one!

Chee Lee - The Shoe Doctor, PhD says:

You are AMAZING! Great ideas! I'm going to have to try the tights layering out. I have only been braved (and creative) enough to do black under + black lace over and the same for white + white lace. I think this is my favorite EBEW post so far.

-Chee, The Shoe Doctor, PhD blog

Anja says:

loving those tips! Now I know what to do with my sheer tights that I can't wear during winter! amazing!!!

Frannie Pantz says:

As a tights enthusiast, I totally applaud this post! Love it love it! Those crocheted tights are crazy cool!

Gentri says:

Ok, LOVE this! Wow! I just popped over from Rachel's blog and I am in love! SO doing this!

Jess says:

I adore tights as well, because like you, dresses are my favorite thing! I'm excited to mix up my tight choices this season thanks to some of your great ideas.


jeanofalltrades says:

These are fantastic ideas! I'll be trying them all! I especially love the fishnets over brights look.

Nikki says:

My goodness, this post is really fun! I am looking foward to try knit tights over my coloured ones! x

Mother in Heels says:

What a great post! I really like all of your ideas. I have not tried layering much before, but I want to now. :)I Also, your crochet tights are very cool.

Fictitious Fashion says:

Do you know you are AWESOME? THis is the perfect post.. I love it.. I had been dying to see such a post around.. I had black opaque tights and wanted to wear it with black skirt.. cos I wasn't able to look for any colored ones.. these ideas are great.. just great.. :) <3
Can you give me more ideas on how to wear black with black? Like I told you? I want to create a party look so fun or winter socks won't do..
I'll be waiting for your answer on my blog :)


Genny says:

This is fantastic! I wonder how fishnets over pantyhose would look for a more formal work setting … may have to try that out soon. Thanks for the inspiration!!

DoodleArtsbyAlecia says:

So I was in Payless today and saw that they were selling "mix and match" tight sets. One colored pair with some kind of lace or fishnet to layer with. I totally thought of this post! It is such a cute idea.

Sara Shoemaker says:

Hun you continue to amaze me. Every time I come on your blog, from some of your first posts about your 'trashion shows', to now with your adorable and colorful fashion posts!!!! You really should look into modeling! love your artistic fashion sense :)

p.s. where do you get your crochet'ed tights?? Just pinned that picture to my Pinterest!

The House of Shoes

Cathy says:

Wow! These tips are a great help. I'm not fond of tights, yet looking upon how easy you wore them makes me think again on wearing them.

Cathy@embroidery digitising

Nicole says:

Genius! I would have never thought to layer tights, but now I totally know what I'm getting for my birthday. Thanks!

dkwood8 says:

I love this! I was never a tights wearer, but that is changing! I am working on building up my tights inventory and have turned my sister on to the layering tights look. Also, your blog is very inspirational!

LoveLegs says:

Great ideas and beautiful legs!!!!! Thanks for caring to wear!!

This is awesome. I’ve never thought about layering tights! I have a couple of bright colors from J Crew that I haven’t had the courage to wear! Maybe I’ll try it. haha! Thanks for the inspiration!

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