Lazy Saturdays

dress made from ethernet cables and a tarp


Shane and Lea says:

I love the designs from the cables! They really made the dress feel so fun.

Sarah says:

Ok, so when I first saw this, I thought "hmm cute dress" but then I looked at it more and realized what it really was! And thats INCREDIBLE! Did you make it?

Nikki says:

awesome design ^^ x

Krista says:

Hey Sara! I indeed did make it! I'm glad you like it. I have more dresses that will be showing up here over the next few weeks. Thanks for stopping by!

Isabella Kiss says:

wow. very cool. I like the necklace with it. not sure the dress could be wearable (tarp isn't too comfy) but the necklace would be! what inspired this?

Krista says:

This dress is more like a work of art and not meant to be worn for every day. Course the lovely model, Emma, said the dress was comfy :) Maybe some would wear it! Haha. This was for a fashion show I did a few weeks ago. The whole collection was entirely made of trash.

artyheart says:

OMG! I love love LOVE your blog ! You're so creative! Following you RIGHT AWAY!

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