Lazy Saturdays

dress made from newspapers, rubber bands, and insect netting


Girl about town.... says:

Wow, what a beautiful dress! Your so talented, not only to have the idea to make it, but to know how to make it! I like your hair too :)

Girl about Town XxX

Sara Shoemaker says:

wow, do you just dream up patterns in your head?? I wouldn't even know how to connect everything in the right places to fit a human being hahah. this could be a prom dress it's so pretty. Go on Project Runway already! :)

House of Shoes

Lea says:

This is super awesome. I love the shape a lot. It's especially awesome because of the materials you used too :)

Aaaand, random, but I love the background image of your blog.

artyheart says:

I'm awe struck! your designs are so fabulous! I could sit and watch you make these for hours! You're so talented ! :)

Meredith says:

suh-weet! love it. so very project runway:)

Kalani Atkinson says:

You are seriously amazing! You definitely need to go on Project Runway or that new show (can’t think of the name but Jessica Simpson hosts it) You would kick some butt on there. You are fanastic.

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