Lazy Saturdays

skinny jeans and skinny smoothies

Bag & t-shirt: made by me. Tank & shoes: Urban Outfitters. Pants: thrifted.
To get this look I took this t-shirt, turned it inside out, added a lacy tank and threw on some skinny jeans.
{Threw on used loosely. We all know it takes a stick of butter and an extra set of hands to get on skinny jeans.}
This past weekend we got conned by my sister in to going to a health seminar by The Green Smoothie Girl. It was….interesting… I mean there was a lot of talk talk talk and little info. The whole thing was a loooong drawn out story. BUT I did leave feeling pumped about taking better care of myself.
I cut out a ton of preservatives in my diet a few months ago. Turns out I was eating myself sick. Long story. Another time.
But now I feel great.
So this whole hour long sha-bang was about one thing: The Green Smoothie. Basically, it’s a smoothie with a bunch of veggies in it.
It’s supposed to increase energy, aid digestion and help with weight loss.
And here’s us drinking them…
I thought i was delish! Mason thought it looked like slime.
Maybe if I keep drinking them I’ll no longer need that stick of butter to get into my skinnies.
Do you drink green smoothies? What are your thoughts?

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LaynahRose says:

hmm, very interesting. sounds like something i'll have to look into.

Stephanie says:

Oooh. I want to hear about the preservatives. I'm sick all the time too, and at this point I'm thinking it must be hypocondria. (not really.)

But No. I don't like green smoothies. Fruit is good for you too! how about fresh fruit sans sugar smoothies!

Kassie says:

I just finished the 30×30 challenge on Saturday! I love looking at what others come up with! Cute outfit!

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