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men’s t-shirt refashion

I love wearing men’s t-shirts. There’s something wonderful about the fit. I have a whole drawer full.
It’s seriously embarrassing.
Sometimes I want one that’s just a tad more feminine.
Something that I could wear more easily under cardigans and with jeans.
So I came up with this fool-proof make-over. And all you need is a pair of fabric scissors!
Easy right? And no sewing! All you do is cut off all them hems. It took me less then five minutes!
And now I have the perfect white t that makes me look a little more like a girl.

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Aubsent From Texas says:

I am doing this immediately! Thanks lady :)

LauraHurst says:

I want your toms.

.Amelia.Bedelia. says:

I am having too much fun exploring your blog! I am new and now a follower!! .Amy
*stop by sometime!

Lindsey says:

I know this is old but I just had to post – I thought I was the only girl that liked wearing men’s t-shirts! Thank you for the inspiration to make them more feminine! I’m new to refashioning and getting a lot of ideas from your blog. You are so creative and make it look so easy for a beginner like me! Thanks and have a great day!

lazysaturdays says:

Thanks for the comment Lindsey! I’m so glad you found my blog! And yes! I love wearing men’s t-shirts! This refashion is super easy too.

Love this! Came across your blog and just can’t seem to get off! Can’t wait to see what other great projects you have.
I totally wear men’s Ts all the time. Glad I’m not alone 😉
Thanks for sharing!


lazysaturdays says:

Hi Jordan! So happy you found me! I LOVE men’s t-shirts!

Alicia says:

I LOVE it I have a bunch as well! thanks for the post!

Nikki says:

I know this is old but I have a question… I found the cutest men’s tshirt but the sleeves are too long and the neck too tight. I love the idea of this… Did you leave the cuts rough or did you sew them after cutting? I’m such a newbie..

lazysaturdays says:

Hi Nikki! Great question! For this skirt I left all the edges raw, meaning I didn’t do any kind of sewing on them. Knits don’t fray, so it wasn’t a big deal to not do any finishings. If the shirt you have isn’t a knit fabric, you can do the same thing, but use bias tape to finish the edges. Currently I don’t have any bias tape tutorials on my blog, but I do plan on creating a bunch of them over the next few months. Bias tape is amazing! If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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