Lazy Saturdays

three ways to wear the skirt made from a men’s shirt

Here’s three ways to wear the skirt made from a men’s shirt.
One hour and you get an awesome upcycled skirt.
I’m cracking up in these photos because the little girl next door is telling me a story thru our fence… completely oblivious to us taking photos.
She’s really only talking to me because Mason was there. She has a thing for him.
I’d be threatened. But she told us she didn’t like macaroni and cheese today.
Mason likes a girl that wants their cheese and pasta.
That… And someone who isn’t five.

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boyishchic says:

so cute! love all of these.

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue says:

I love the second and third one! You are incredibly creative :)

Rachel says:

I'm obsessed with this skirt!!! I wish I had a sewing machine with me at college… I want to make one soo badly! And I love the ways you put the outfits together. Two thumbs up! (:


mandyface says:

You are ADORABLE! Totes impressed that you whipped up that tasty skirt. I always have intentions do things like that, but alas I haven not quite accomplished it. Someday…

Gina says:

That's such an amazing idea to make a skirt! I love all of the outfits you put together :)

And by the way, I just found your blog and I love it! Now following!

xo, gina

Hannah Jacklyn says:

wow i love this project, and it looks great on you. love the styling of the last pic the best.

will have to hit goodwill on my next day off and search the men's shirt rack!

megan williams says:

i am making a white one with a cute bow. it is so cute. thanks for showing me this.

lazysaturdays says:

Thanks for sharing Megan! I love the idea of adding a bow!

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