Lazy Saturdays

trashion dress wrap up


boyishchic says:

LOVING the automobile & post it note dresses… All are really creative!

Kionon says:

Automobile is the best of the bunch.

Plami says:

This is so amazing! Great work! You're a real talent!


Heather Feather says:

These are so amazing! I'm super impressed! It must have taken hours and hours of work!

artyheart says:

You are one HELL of a designer! So so so talented! I'm featuring your link on my Facebook page ( with all the credits you deserve :)
I love your blog :)

Surabhi Agarwal says:

wow!I mean what designing! specially the skirts made out of trash bags and post its and the dress made from an automobile!

Fictitious Fashion says:

You really are a genius!!


Rachel Marie says:

This is so cool! Makes me think of episodes from Project Runway…My favorite is the ethernet cable dress :)

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