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What a crazy, fabulous, hard year 2012 has been! Who’s looking forward to 2013? I certainly am! I had a lot of fun looking back over my blog and the things I did this past year. 2012 has been so crazy that I often felt I was neglecting myself creatively. But after writing up this post, my mind has changed. I didn’t do so bad considering how much life has changed! Here’s some of my favorite blog moments from 2012.

One of my favorite things I have accomplished as a designer is the Trashion Shows I’ve done. They certainly pushed me outside of my box as I came up with ways to put a dress together with unconventional materials. You can see the 2012 collection here or see all the dresses I’ve made here. (Dresses made from streamers, Starburst wrappers and streamers shown below.)The Refashion Swaps have been my favorite blogging moments. I loved collaborating with these talented bloggers and meeting new readers and getting inspired by what everyone came up with. I look forward to more of these! See my men’s shirt refashion here and my trouser refashion here.And my favorite personal moment? Announcing my pregnancy and meeting little Maxwell. Life has become so much harder, exhausting, busy, and absolutely wonderful. I adore my little family! See the pregnancy announcement here and pictures of Maxwell by Anna K Photography here. And my favorite reader moment was this post.  You guys had me rolling in the comments! Go back and read it again. It’ll make you happy.This was my favorite maternity upcycle. The shirt was so comfy for my ginormous belly.I also loved this dresser Mason and I made for Max. It has been my favorite project we’ve done as a couple so far. Earlier this year I entered a sewing contest and this was my favorite item I made. A potato sack purse! (My pregnant belly had started to become obvious and I hadn’t announced it yet. If you look at this post, notice the disguising of my belly. Good times.)This has been my favorite home decor project. Willow twigs wrapped in string. I made it while I was hugely pregnant and it was wonderful to have something to keep my hands busy and my mind off the painful experience that was about to happen. It still sits on my bookshelf. 

Good bye 2012! Here’s to a wonderful 2013! Thank you all for following along with this little blog of mine. You guys make blogging worth it. Seriously.

2013 goals coming tomorrow… or the day after. Or whenever Max lets me sit down and write them out.



What’s this? A new post?!! And an Upcycled Thursday one?!!!! I need to always remember one thing about Mason’s job: I don’t have a husband during December, therefore I don’t have someone to help with pictures. You’d think he was in retail, but no. He works on a popular fitness website. January means New Year’s resolutions which means more people to their website which means December deadlines which means workdays last till 2am which means wife alone for a month. But I had him to myself yesterday which means I got some pictures of the things I’ve been working on!

I found this beige 100% silk blouse at a thrift store for $3! Score! But the color of the blouse with my pale skin makes me look naked when I wear it. I’m not really into the “I’m naked! Psych!” look, so I died the blouse. And dying silk? Drrrreamy! It’s my favorite. The fabric takes the dye so well. And I’ve really been loving to make my own stamps out of linoleum recently, so I made two different shaped triangles and stamped this cheap, silky dream blouse up with some fabric paint. It was an easy upcycle and it’s been a great addition to my new momma wardrobe. 

So what’s new with you guys? I chopped off about six inches of hair and got a new paint job (Thanks Erin!), but that’s about it around here. Thanks for sticking around even though posting is sporadic, but I’m not going anywhere! I love all you!


Here’s another great and quick project to help give your home a little personality. I love collecting fun-shapes bottles and jars hor my home. My mother-in-law gave me this darling one but I couldn’t get the label off, so it needed to be covered somehow. Using cord from the craft store and a glue gun, I wrapped the bottle starting at the top and working my way to the bottom. I made sure the ends of the cord lined up on one side of the jar so that they wouldn’t show while on display. It makes a great piece for a bookshelf, a night stand or a desk! I think I may make some more of these!

Nothing fits after having Max. Nothing. Well my maternity yoga pants still do, but those don’t count. Anyway, I eventually gave in and went and spent about $20 at a thrift store and purchased some roomy button up tops and some skirts to get me thru this weird body shaped time (There’s no way you’re going to get me to try on a pair of jeans right now. No.Way.). During my mini shopping spree, I purchased this pink skirt. It has been an after-baby-wardrobe lifesaver. However, after wearing it for about a month, I realized it was the same color as Pepto Bismol. Never a good thing. And in true “Krista” style, I dyed it. The tag was worn out and I couldn’t tell what the fabric contents were, so this became a bit of a dyeing risk. But I stuck my Peptoey pink skirt in a bucket of dark brown Rit dye and was pleasantly surprised. The skirt must have been a cotton/poly blend, because not all of the fibers dyed. But I love the mauvey color I ended up with! Odds are, if you see me out and about, I will either have this skirt or my yoga pants on. I know my old clothes will eventually fit, but goodness is it hard to find things to wear after having a baby! Buuuut Mason just handed me an almond Snickers bar that I just downed while typing this. So I guess I can’t complain too much.

How to dye your clothes tutorial here.

Like my cardigan? How I made it here.


Did you know that many craft stores sell these amazing slabs of rubber? They are wonderful to make stamps out of! I’ve been loving easy, able to finish during nap-time, projects recently. To make, use a metal ruller and large exacto knife to cut off a chunk of the rubber. Then simply draw your desired shape on the rubber, and carve out using a small exacto knife. The rubber slices like butter, so be careful with your fingers. Start with more basic graphic images and get more complex as you get used to this. If you end up creating a stamp you love, glue the back of it to a small piece of wood and it last longer. Have fun creating your new custom graphics! Happy stamping!