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I have three days left till I embark on the third trimester. It’s insane to me! It’s going so quickly! I’m very grateful the fashion show was during the second one because boy am I starting to feel the aches! No complaints though. My first and second trimesters were very kind to me. I just think the third one will out for me now. But I’m ready for it! Yoga and water aerobics and husband’s back massages! Bring it third trimester!

Since becoming pregnant, I’ve become a super klutz. And my carpet is the one paying for it. I’ve dropped melted chocolate all over it. Dumped two blackberry smoothies and countless bowls of cereal. And recently a giant glass of orange juice found it’s end in our stoffice (studio/office). My mother has been very kind to lend us her carpet cleaner. You think I’d be worried about our unborn child ruining the floors someday. Nope. I’ll be the reason we’ll have to invest in wood floors.


For this outfit, I took an old pair of jeggin-type pants and dyed them a denim blue. They turned out a lot more flattering to wear than the original grey color. For the tunic, I used an old men’s shirt, created a scoop neck and took off the sleeves. The jacket was my favorite part of the outfit. This beige jacket had been sitting in my closet for years! I liked the style, but the color was horrible on me. I dyed it a dark green first. Then I used a stencil I created and fabric dye to paint a heart on the back. The model’s hair is in the way, but I also painted a heart on the front of the jacket.

One of the main things I did for the trashion show was create a ton of upcycled outfits. Most people don’t sew regularly if at all, so I wanted all the outfits to be very easy to tell how I manipulated them. You’ll be seeing many of the outfits over the next few week. There will be a picture of the model wearing the outfit along with photos of the original clothing. I hope you enjoy! 

For this outfit, I made a skirt out of an old pair of men’s Dickey pants. The blouse was made from a boy’s button up. I also took an old stained cardigan and dyed it a bright green. As a fun accessory, I used a collar from a men’s shirt and created a flower to pin on the cardigan. I will definitely do a tutorial on that one. It turned out darling!