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You guys, I’m running out of clothes that fit. Last night at 9 PM I went a little crazy and decided I needed a new shirt that fit me NOW! I had this old men’s shirt from a recent thrifting outing and decided it was my new lucky top. Plus, I was feeling inspired by the Button Up Refashion Swap. This top definitely fits my belly, but I know I will still be wearing it after my pregnancy. Win-win. To make it, I removed the collar and pocket, took in the sides (mostly in the bust area, but I will take it in along the torso after I give birth.), and gave it some new sleeves. The whole thing took me about an hour to do. Not too shabby. And when I wore it to my doctor’s appointment this morning, my doctor and nurse both told me I was looking good today. Go new lucky shirt! An eight month pregnant gal can use all the compliments she can score.



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This post is an oldie, but a goodie. When I swapped from Blogger to WordPress, a few of my posts failed to transfer. An awesome reader let me know that this post was missing. (Thanks Emma!) This is one of my favorite sweaters and I didn’t want this post to get left behind. It comes from about a year ago, at a time my hair was shorter and I was not heavy with child… Enjoy! 

I have two boring white sweaters sitting in my closet. Their biggest trick… staying nicely folded day after day. Time to show them the outside world.

Cue the green dye… (you can see my how to dye clothes tutorial here.)

…and SHAZAM! It even dyed the buttons. 

I wanted a little more zing to my sweater, so I pulled out all my green buttons and embroidery thread and went to town.

Welcome to the world little white sweater. I hope you like your new look.

Isn’t this a fun shirt? It was so easy to make too! No sewing machine needed. Happy day! To make, you need two different t-shirts. I had two old men’s shirts laying around. From one, I cut out a bunch of circles. I suggest using a template or grab something round and trace around it. For the second, shirt I used my tutorial for a men’s t-shirt refashion. It’s incredibly easy and you only need a pair of scissors. Lastly, I used fabric glue for stretch fabric and carefully glued each dot on. Easy! I would recommend using chalk to first mark where you are going to glue on the dots. It will save you from messy glue marks if you don’t glue it in the right place to start with.


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