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Today is my due date. And I don’t feel like labor is anywhere close. Mason is at work and I’m off to run some errands. My mind is whirling with tons of things. So today I’m officially signing off as a blogger until after this chubby boy of mine arrives. It’s time to put my focus where it’s needed. I have some fun posts waiting to share with you, but now’s not the time. It’s time to wipe everything off my plate and get in baby delivery mode. I’m also going to clean out my inbox today, so if you’re waiting on an email, today is the day! …unless I actually go into labor! Ha! I shall miss you all, but I will be back (hopefully soon)with someone special to share. If you want to know when little man arrives before it hits my blog, follow me on Instagram. My user name is lazykrista. I know I won’t be able to resist posting a thousand pictures there.

I can’t wait to meet this little guy that’s been sticking his feet in my rib cage and stretching his bum out as far as he can! See you soon… I hope!


No baby. Still pregnant. I always thought women were funny when they said how long the last few weeks of pregnancy seemed. You’ve known your due date the whole time, why does it seem long? But OH MY GOODNESS! They are right. I feel like time has stopped. I want to meet this boy SOOOOOO bad! And Mason is going bezzerk too! We can’t wait to welcome our son to the world. I went to the doctors this morning and the numbers aren’t promising for an early delivery or probably not even an on-time delivery. It feels weird to put this kind of info on the internet, but let’s say I’ve been at the loneliest number for 4 WEEKS! I’ll stay positive until my due date. But after that I’m allowed to turn into a monster right? So caution to my close ones… next week you’re not going to want to be around this cranky gal. Unless you have chocolate. Then we can be best friends. And by the way, Mason and I have tried EVERYTHING to get this baby out. Nothing is working. He’s happy where he’s at. I’m going to have a big, fat, late baby!!! Just like his momma! But at least I’ll win our little bet! 

I took a little unplanned blog break last week to just be. And it was nice. During that time I got to thinking about how I want to juggle this blog and being a mom. I started this blog as a creative outlet, and will stay just that. A creative place for me. I have another place I keep private family records. So for those that worry this may turn into a family blog, you need not. I do, however, plan on soaking up as many moments of motherhood as I possibly can! And if that means less posting for a little while, then I’m okay with that. But in the end, I’m still me, and I know eventually I’ll want to get creating sooner rather than later after baby boy’s arrival, even if I’m sewing one handed while holding my babe with the other. Not sure if that’s possible. But I’ll find out! I’ve made the decision to create for the sake of creating and not to create for blog posts. And while the posting may be slower than usual, my blog will be so much better! The things I worked on last week with this attitude turned out so well and I love them! I’m really excited about the future of Lazy Saturdays!

I’m feeling so blessed right now. Also a little uncomfortable, ha! But very blessed. A little boy is going to join Mason and me so soon. We already love him so much. Thank you so much for reading Lazy Saturdays! I love you readers… even you silent ones out there. Hopefully next week you’ll get to see the newest addition to our little family! Cross your fingers for me!

P.S. My dress is from Just Cottons, and adorable Etsy shop. And it’s actually not a dress, but a kaftan. I saw one here on Brandilyn and knew I “needed” one. I bought it as a gift to myself to come home from the hospital in. But I couldn’t wait to wear it! It’s so comfy! And Chetna, the shop owner, was awesome and sewed in some buttons along the neckline to make it nursing friendly. Great service!

Also, I know my roots are showing. Hard to believe my hair color isn’t natural, right? Ha! My hair stopped holding dye several months ago and I stopped trying to convince it to. Seriously, check out the difference in my hair color here! Oh pregnancy hormones, you’re so funny.

Mason and I have had this little dresser sitting in our garage for quite sometime. My mother-in-law got rid if it and I snatched it up! It is the perfect size for a child’s room. Over the past couple days, Mason and I worked on this project together for our son’s room. We are in love with it!

To start, Mason sanded the dresser and repaired a few of the drawers. Then I used a pencil and ruller to draw this arrow pattern on each drawer and taped the inside of my design. Then we painted the body of the dresser and the untaped parts of the drawers a dark blue with two coats of paint.

I painted the knobs for the dresser a bright yellow. They needed several coats of paint. 

We waited over night to let the paint really dry before we went on to the final steps. We removed the tape and taped again so we could paint the inside of the arrows.

We gave the arrows two coats of turquoise paint and let dry. Then we removed the tape, put the yellow knobs on the drawers, put the drawers back in and admired our work. We love it! It was really fun to work on this with my husband too. We definitely brought different skills and I love the memories I know have while creating this. And I really love the way it looks in our little man’s new room. 

P.S. If anyone is concerned about me painting while pregnant, we worked outside, with a fan, and I wore a mask. I was safe. Promise.

This is it! I’m officially full term. If the boy decided to come today, there would be stopping him even though my due date is still three weeks away. HOWEVER… I doubt he’s coming anytime soon. I’ve hardly had any braxton hicks and all the things they start checking about this time don’t look promising for an early delivery. Mason and I have a little bet going on. He thinks our little man is coming early. I think he’s coming late. We shall see.

Also, if you remember me mentioning in this post  that women who were big babies tend to have large babies themselves. Well I was big. Ten pounds big. And it seems my boy is headed that way too according to my doctor. I’m going to have a big fat chunky baby and I can’t wait!

Well I’m off to spend some quality time with my husband before this babe joins our family. Things may begin to get a little quiet around here, but have no fear. I’m stocking up on some great posts for you.

Outfit details: Old Navy top, thrifted skirt, Steve Madden shoes.