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maternity style : first and second trimester

I had a lot of fun while I was pregnant dressing up my baby bump, so I thought I’d put together a few thoughts on what I learned during my pregnancy.

First trimester: This is the trimester that you know you’re pregnant and your looking bloated and your boobs are growing to sizes you didn’t know possible BUT you may not be ready to let everyone in on your happy news yet. If all the sudden you start wearing baggier and baggier clothing, you may throw up some “I’m pregnant!” flags. I have a tip for throwing people off, but you have to start when you start trying to get pregnant OR as soon as you find out before any changes have happened. One day wear a looser fitting top, one that would hide anything that you potentially may be hiding. Then the next day wear something form fitting. Anyone who suspected a pregnancy yesterday won’t the next day when the see your normal figure. And repeat this process slowly incorporating more and more loose fitting garments. It will just seem like you’re trying out a new look for yourself. I started doing this as soon as we started trying to get pregnant and not a soul suspected me until close to the second trimester. I even hid it from my mother till we surprised everyone at Christmas. And my mom can call anyone out on a pregnancy. I was pretty proud of myself and how shocked she was to find out how far along I was before we told everyone.

Enjoy wearing all your favorite clothes NOW! Once they become too small you will miss them. And if it’s your first pregnancy, your body may change and sadly it may not fit after or it may take a while to get back to where you can wear them again. Sigh. Also, wear all your nice items because you may not want to get spit up or any other kind of explosion on your silk dress or dry clean only sweater. So enjoy your lovely clothes now, because it may be a little while before they come out of the closet again. Of course you can alway get a sitter, get dolled up in that silk dress, and head out for a fur night with your man after the babe arrives.

Second trimester: This was my favorite trimester to get dressed in. Your baby bump is showing and many of your clothes still fit. When I got pregnant I swore I would never buy anything “maternity.” I eventually ate my words. As my pants grew tighter I decided to try the hair tie thru the button hole trick. I did that once, felt like everyone I saw knew that my pants were only half on and went and bought my first pair of maternity pants. And I was in heaven. They were ten times more comfortable than I would have imagined. So what I learned from this was to be flexible. You may have an idea of how you want to dress as your belly expands, but leave room for new ideas. And go buy yourself a pair of maternity pants. I bought this pair from Old Navy and loved them!

As you can see from the pictures above, my favorite accessory was the belt. Anytime I wore a belt with an outfit, I got complimented. It did make my belly look a little bigger than it was, but I think it made it stand out in a fun way. And I was proud of my belly and had no problem showing it off!

What are your tips for getting dressed during the first and second trimester?

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Tamra says:

Ugh. I wish I could say that I’m having so much fun dressing my changing body. Not so much. You were such a cute pregnant lady.

Miranda says:

Basically, you are adorable.

Jenny says:

I love maternity pants!! I’m in my second trimester and was like you, I tried to hold off. But they are so much comfier! Now I want to wear them even when I’m not pregnant :)

My tip is be creative. There are lots of great maternity clothes but also a lot of non-maternity clothes that can accent them or be worn as maternity clothes.

kate says:

awesome tips! you are so cute! I hope you’ll do a postpartum one, too. I never knew what to wear after the baby came.

Joanne says:

Such cute outfits! I’ve been making the most of my bump (about to go into third trimester now) with belts and clothes that make it stand out. I feel less dowdy and fat if I really show it off! Anything with an empire line, horizontal stripes, a flock of birds print stretched wide over the belly – you name it!

Johanna says:

Krista, I love how you dressed your baby bump!
As soon as my bump was showing I started to wear tight dresses and shirts because I (still) feel bigger when I wear something loose.
I’m absolutely with you when it comes to maternity pants – I bought some maternity jeans on ebay, they are nearly new and much cheaper than in a store.
In addition to that, I purchased some maternity leggings at H&M, they are really comfy – in fact, I wear them day and night at the moment.
I’m in the beginning of my third trimester right now, so I’m really looking forward your third trimester maternity style post!

Kimbercrafts says:

Great tips! I’m now nearing the end of my first pregnancy – dressing myself has been a fun challenge! I tried to make do with a lot of my pre-pregnancy clothes in the first and second trimesters. I finally hit a point where I gave in and purchased a few maternity basics (t-shirts, jeans, etc). In the end those purchases were worth it – I was a lot more comfortable! I also am a firm believer in belting most outfits. It really helps accentuate my changing shape rather than masking it.

Jenny says:

You are the cutest pregnant lady and I think your pregnancy style is amazing! I would love for you to come link up to my Sunday Style linky party :)

lazysaturdays says:

You are so sweet! Thank you! And once I start posting outfits again, I’ll have to link up! How fun! Working on getting back to a normal, post-baby shape right now :)

Jenny says:

P.S. I’m now following your cute blog on Bloglovin’ :)

Reyna Lay says:

I am currently 8 wks and everyone in my family & friends knows I’m preggers so I am not trying to hide it from them. School? Now that is a whole different scenario. I’m a fashion design major and of course in our school everyone (including me) is dressed to the 9’s. So I want to try my best to be as fashionable as I can bc I don’t want to be frumpy in my fashion dept. So far, not showing, but they say, since it’s my 2nd, that will soon change. I was looking for great fashion inspiration outfits and when I found your blog I was like, “yay!” So thank you for inspiring some cute future outfits. By the way, please pass by my blog and follow if you’d like. I’m trying to grow a bigger readership. I blog about fashion, fitness, and my sewing projects:)


janet says:

awww first congrats!!!! its amazing to be pregnant. i loved both times i was pregnant with my son and daughter. i gained 25 lbs with both and in the summer i basically wore dresses….maxi or juicy terry cloth dresses. BORING!!! In the fall, i had so much more fun….boots leggings sweaters fur and etc. I just bought few sizes bigger and it worked out perfectly. YOU look AMAZING!!!!!!

Wish you the best!

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