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I’ve tried hundreds of products and listened to all the feedback I get from my clients. I’ve put a list together of my favorite products that will give you the results you want while also protecting your hair color and make your hair healthier. I’m not compensated for anything I suggest. I sincerely love all these!
  • For texture, my all time favorite hair product is Texture Twist by Pureology. A little goes a long long ways! It’s a pastey-like wax that you use your fingers to mold or shape your hair. If you like using sprays better, Wax Blast is my next favorite. A fun way to style, is to shake your head while spraying underneath your hair. This will bring out all your layers.
  • If you have a lot of hair, but still need volume, I’d recommend Rootful by Redken.
  • If you want body or your hair lacks volume, use a root lifter. I love Bodyful Volume Amp or Overall Mousse by Redken for thiner hair. For overall fine hair that is also dry, I love Silk Bodifier by Pureology. I would steer clear of Big Sexy’s root lift though. While I love some of their other products, I feel like their root lift strips your hair of their natural oils, and leaves a gross feeling in the hair.
  • If you want a sleek look, use a ceramic hair straightener on your hair. I got Krista to start doing this and her hair looks amazing when she does it! She has naturally straight hair, but running a flat iron through it gives it that sleek red-carpet look. Gorgeous! I love my flat iron from BaByliss.
  • A note on organic styling products. Some companies are being smart and advertising now that they have organic products. Which is great! But that doesn’t mean that other products aren’t just as healthy. (They just aren’t marketed as “organic”)   I recommend specific products based on their hair type and lifestyle. For instance, if some one wants more body but they have extremely dry hair I would NOT recommend a Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. I’d recommend a nutrient -filled shampoo and conditioner to help tend to their hair, and then have them use a volumizing Styling product used just at the root of the hair. That way they get the nourishment that they need, and their hair can also get the volume they desire.

Every person’s hair is so different. What I’d recommend to one person with curly hair isn’t always what I’d recommend to another girl with similar hair. Texture, color, lifestyle (and more) all play a part in what I’d recommend, so be sure to talk to your hairstylist about YOUR hair, lifestyle and budget. Pick her brain! You’ll be much happier with your hair if you do.

Thanks for reading my hare care series! I hope you and your hair have a happy day.
Erin, thank you so much so sharing your knowledge on this subject! Isn’t she awesome? I’m a lucky sister! 

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I’m so excited to be a part of another Refashion Swap! Last spring we did men’s shirts and today we all refashioned trousers.  I had the privledge to make something for Miriam of MadMim. After throwing around a couple ideas I decided to make a polka dot pencil skirt, and I love how it turned out! I may need one myself now.

1. Grab your trousers, a seam ripper, and a good movie. Seam rip along the inseams of your pants (see dotted line). Depending on how they were manufactured, this step may take some time, so enjoy your movie while you work! (Chocolate is always great to have on hand too) 2. Lay your pants inside out and so that the right leg and left leg are on top of eace other.

3. Sew a smooth seam starting at the base of the zipper on the front of the pants. On the back, put your sewing needle in the seam before it starts to curve in for the bum and sew another smooth seam. Sew to the cuffs. 4. Cut your trouser-turned-skirt the length you want, leaving a few inches for a hem.

5. Using a polka dot stencil, fabric paint, and a sponge, print your fabric. Remember that hand printing can be messy sometimes, so be nice to yourself if you make a few slip ups. Let dry completely. 6. Hem your skirt. 7. Rock your skirt!

Now go hop around to all these amazing ladies’ blogs and see their creative refashions of trousers and get inspired!

Suzannah of Adventures in Dressmaking, Miriam of MadMim, Miranda of One Little Minute, Melissa of I Still Love You, Liz of Cotton & Curls, Kelli of True Bias, Kate of See Kate Sew, Jennifer of Grainline Studio, Carrie of This Mama Makes Stuff 

Make sure to check back Monday! We will all be showing off our new clothing! Miriam will be wearing my skirt and I’ll be showing off Jennifer’s creation.


I made this funky decoration right at the end of my pregnancy and while I was recovering. It was a fun, mindless, easy thing to keep my hands occupied while watching a movie or listening to music. I asked Mason if he thought it was weird. He said yes, but a good weird. Haha!

The steps are really simple. I used some willow tree branches that I had from my wedding center pieces and wrapped them at random points along the twigs with different colored embroidery floss. Tie the different colors together as you go and make sure to tie both ends to the twig. It’s okay if the ends stick out.

Once everything is tied down, trim the ends and use Mod Podge and a cheap paint brush to paste the ends down.

Let everything dry and arrange in a vase or jar. Enjoy your new good-weird decoration! Next time you go somewhere special (vacation, unique date, hike,  etc.) collect some sticks along the way, make this, and it will bring back happy memories every time you look at it!

I can’t believe it’s been two months already! Time is soaring by and I’m trying to bottle up every moment of this little man. Mason and I are over the moon in love with Max. His personality is starting to show and he is ALL BOY! Haha! Sometimes we have a hard time getting him to go to sleep when he is exhausted because he doesn’t want to miss a thing! He loves loves loves shadows. He could stare at them forever it seems.  And he laughs at them. Cutest thing ever. He also thinks his sneezes are hilarious and he’s laughing and smiling at us all the time. Our hearts are permanently melted. And he can roll over. Yeah. This little determined spirit is going to be walking before I’m ready!

I’ve never felt so much joy in my life. It’s MUCH harder now, but oh how it’s worth it! I would never wish to go back to life before this time. I adore my husband and little boy. Life is good.

Max’s awesome onesie is from Little Treetops

After having Max, I realized it was going to be a while before many of my old clothes fit again. Most of my t-shirts didn’t even fit! I really wanted some comfy t’s to wear, so I bought some Fruit of the Loom men’s shirts in a size up from what I normally wear. I’ve made over a few of them to make them a little more fun. Simply Spray sent me some of their paint and I’ve had a ton of fun playing around with them. Here’s a tutorial for making a  polka dot t-shirt using fabric spray paint!

1. Make a polka dot stencil using something small and round to trace. (Looking back, I should have made it out of cardboard or a similar material, because the paint pooled on the plastic.)

2. Tape the stencil in place on the t-shirt and cover the other areas with newspaper.

3. Using your fabric spray paint (I loved Simply Spray’s Soft Fabric Paint!) spray your t-shirt lightly. Start spraying on the newspaper and then move to the fabric to avoid any dripping from the paint can. Add more coats until you get the desired look.

4. Move stencil to the next area and repeat taping, covering with newspaper, and spraying. Continue until you’ve cover your shirt.

5. Let dry for a few hours and your done! Make sure to follow the directions on the paint for washing your garment.

I love that this type of paint gives a graffiti feel. This project is sure to give a grunge look to your t-shirt so embrace any spots or mess ups!