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maternity style : third trimester

Ah, the third trimester, where you become so big that you are comical to everyone but yourself. So let’s talk about what you can do to get you thru this most awkward stage. Dressing became a joke the last few weeks for me. My biggest tip or third trimester dressing is to keep a smile on your face. For me, the third trimester was harder than the other two both physically and fashionably. I was ginormous by the time I gave birth. I’m 5’3″ and I had a 9 pounder. I was HUGE. So keeping a positive attitude definitely helped when I would stand helplessly in front of the closet.

I loved taking a button up blouse and tying it up over my belly with a dress or skirt. You can see it in a couple pictures above. It helped give me more tops to choose from because I could continue to wear shirts that fit my top but not my belly.

I continued to belt most my outfits thru the third trimester. I thought it gave a more flattering pregnant silhouette and showed off the growing belly.

I also added a lot of cardigans and vests to my outfits. Sometimes the side curve wasn’t the most flattering, so it was easy to cover and look better with a simple sweater.

Be comfortable. This doesn’t mean wear sweats to the store, but wear comfy fabrics. You can look great and still feel like you are wearing pajamas. All the outfits above were really comfortable! I loved jersey dresses and my Old Navy maternity pants!

When you reach a point that nothing fits, give in and go buy yourself one of these. I love mine! And I still wear it postpartum.

Next time I have a baby I want to make more clothes for myself! Being the first time I had to dress a baby bump, I had no clue what I was going to be like, so I didn’t know fully how to make something that would continue to fit me thru the rest of the pregnancy. There are a ton of maternity tutorials and patterns out there, and next time I plan to take full advantage of those, and also try to create new things myself.

I loved being pregnant. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and feel Max moving around inside me. I really do miss that. But I like cuddling him in my arms much better. And dressing the bump was much more of a challenge and also more fun than I anticipated it would be.

What are your tips for dressing for the third trimester?

Check out my first and third trimester tips here. 

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Gaynor says:

Loved your tips on dressing for maternity, I’m pregnant with my third (eek!) and so looking forward to dressing the bump up this time! Do you have time for a list of those maternity tutorials you mentioned?!

lazysaturdays says:

Congrats on your third! Ok, check out There’s TONS of great stuff on there from several people. And Megan has some patterns that you can purchase as well. You’ll love that website! Happy maternity sewing!

Seriously, you are one of the cutest pregnant ladies I’ve seen! I’ve been pregnant 4 times now, & every time I think I’m finally going to be “cute” & I never am (I know, huge life disappointment). But you, my dear, are adorable & have such a glow. So trendy, despite the little babe in your tum. At that point, put me in a mu mu & call it good.

lazysaturdays says:

You are too sweet! I definitely had my mu mu days as well :) Haha! Especially my final week. I was like, “I give up. This kid is never coming and I’m stuck with the largest belly on the planet. Pass me my sweats, a donut, and someone turn on Netflix for me.” Haha!

Lauren says:

Daw! Krista your style has been so inspiring to me, I love it! Thank you so much for bein cute, and posting all about it! 😀

lazysaturdays says:

Thank YOU for the sweet comment! I’m so happy to hear I’ve inspired you!

Marissa says:

I loved all your maternity style. I was just a month or so ahead of you in my pregnancy and loved all the inspiration. The last couple of weeks were solely about comfort (maxi skirts were my best friend), but I too loved dressing the baby bump. It’s nice when you can emphasize and show off the largest part of you instead of trying to hide it. :) I would love to see your “fourth” trimester style. I am more at a loss trying to dress the post-baby bump and find fashionable and functional wear for nursing. Any ideas?

lazysaturdays says:

OH goodness! I’m still trying to figure out how to dress during this fourth trimester! It’s harder than the third! The only things that fit are my old maternity clothes but they aren’t functional for breast feeding. I ended up going to the thrift store and bought some skirts and buttoned up tops to fit me now. It was well worth the money. I think I’ll end up doing a post about it when/if I figure this part out :) Ha!

Now that I’m in my third trimester, it’s a whole new ball game. Baby joon weighs 4 pounds, and my belly is huge on my body. These days, tents sound pretty amazing, and I’ve had to get more creative as everything gets tighter and shorter. I will do a few more outfits for the 3rd (and final) trimester in the next few weeks.

Brigid says:

I love these tips, Im almost 32 weeks and none of my maternity top fit so having to get creative. After discovering you last night through Pinterest on a search on third trimester fashion I found a whole new wardrobe all inspired by you to get me through the next few weeks. Thank you!


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