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dress made from toilet paper

Here it is! My final project for SYTYCS!I can’t believe I made it to the finals! Thank you thank you thank you to everyone that has voted for me. This week’s theme is contestant’s choice. Ooooh yeah. My entry for the competition was my dress made from a car, so I HAD to do another trashion dress as my finale.
I choose toilet paper.
This is what toilet paper looks like after it’s dyed. It gets hard, falls off the cardboard tube, and then you have to carefully peel it apart. After this process, the sewing could begin. I had a long weekend. Haha! {If anyone was wondering, this dress is 100% sewn. No glue or tape was harmed in the making of this dress.}
And a huge thanks to this little pocket-sized model, Michelle. Or Chelly Belly as I like to call her. {That’s right baby sis. I called you Chelly Belly on the internets. You are beautiful.}
Welcome everyone from Mommy By Day Crafter By Night! I’m happy you came my way! If you liked this dress, check out my other designs HERE.

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Krista says:

I can honestly say I never thought I'd be posing with a roll of toilet paper on my blog at any point :)

meg says:

You are a designing, seamstress goddess. Little old me is so happy to know doing-big-things you!

LaynahRose says:

She is beautiful!
And you, lady, are clearly a genius.
So incredible what you can make out of practically nothing.

Mel says:

I love the irony of a tp dress and rain boots. Could you imagine if it rained!? Ha ha.

Still, this dress is pretty spectacular! Great entry for the finals!

Krista says:

HAHAHAHA! Mel that's hilarious! Great point.

kirstin & tricia says:

looks gorgeous! I love all of your trashion creations- so creative! :)
and your little sis is beautiful too. :)

Katie Kondek says:

I cannot believe you made that from TP! SO AWESOME!

Alycia (Crowley Party) says:

that is pretty incredible! happy I found your blog :) loving it!

Wendy says:

Your sister is gorgeous and this dress is amazing. So impressed.

Jillian says:

You are the coolest person alive. :)

TK says:

Adorable! I love the the color of the dye and the ombre effect. :)

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue says:

Congrats! And how amazing is this? You are a genius! Love it!

Calise says:

So freaking awesome. All I'm gonna say.

Este says:

WOW, this is incredible!!!

Peter says:

I love the irony of a tp dress and rain boots, your are so beautiful:)

free standing toilet paper holder

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