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july 2012

And we are stoked!!!!

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Anja says:

Oh my congrats! I was about to ask after your outfit post last week, but you never ever ask a lady if she is preggers. So I decided to keep it to myself. I am so happy to hear and congrats once again!!!

me.anna says:

Congratulations, "Alles Gute" :)

Ashley says:

Congrats! It seems like the whole blogger world is preggo!

Faith says:

Congratulations!! :)

Erinlizabeth says:

And so am I! 😉

Rachel says:

so exciting!! congratulations!! hope you're well past the bathroom stage! :)

Kayla @ Freckles in April says:

Oh my gosh! Krista! I normally pick up on these things but I was totally clueless. You hid it well. Congratulations!!

Nicole says:

That is great news, and we are so excited for you! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

Anna Harrison says:

Yay! Our little baby girl, June was born last July. It's a good time to be pregnant!

Sarah says:

YAY! Congrats!

Gentri says:

Oh, congratulattiooooooons!! 😀 These pictures are PERFECTION!

Audrey @ Putting Me Together says:


DawnieP says:

WOW CONGRATULATIONS. These pictures are amazing you both look gorgeous, perfect keep sakes!


Marissa says:

congrats! I'm due in July too! So keep up the cute maternity wear (as long as you can), I'd love the inspiration.

Cupcake Crazy Gem says:

Congrats! and well done on coming 2nd in the competition! I meant to say when you posted your dress post I remember looking at the pictures for ages thinking I wasn't sure quite what it was but there was something different about you! and then I read it was your sister! you guys look really similar! :)

annie and m says:

Babies are so fun!! Congratulations!!

SassAFrass says:

HOORAY!I am so pumped for you Kirsta! You will enjoy this new adventure!

April and Wes says:

Huzzah!!!!!!!! It's about time girl! :) Congrats to you both. BTW, when you coming to Cali? I need to meet the boo.

Erica says:

Congratulations! That's so exciting! And I love your dress!

North Meets South

Valerie says:

Congratulations!!!!! I bet we'll be seeing some adorable maternity wear around here :)

Rachelle says:

Congrats! I am so excited for you guys! Can't wait to meet the little one :)

Rachel Sayumi. says:


Lizzie says:

Awww yay, congrats :))


Brooke says:

congratulations! VERY exciting!!!
These pictures are fantastic! the colors are so lovely together :)

rabbitstylenews says:

Congratulations. I love the pictures!

HollyDolly says:

Oh my goodness congrats!

Tamra says:

Very cute! Your tummy looks so much bigger than the last time I saw you! And did you get extentions?

The Pretty Life Anonymous says:

WHAAAAAT? I just saw your comment on our blog and DIED. CONGRATULATIONS you cute thing!!!!

Sunkissed says:

I'm so happy for you Krista :) Congrats to you & your hubby!

Katie Kondek says:

Ahhh! So exciting! Congratulations!

These photos are ADORABLE!

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