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purse made from potato sacks

{I couldn’t resist}
I dedicate this little bag to the great state I live in {Idaho incase you didn’t know}. To make it, I used a total of two potato sacks. I dyed one of them an awesome turquoise color with some Rit dye. Did you know you can dye potato sacks? I didn’t. I took a leap of faith when I dumped my sack into the dye. Happily, my faith was rewarded. I actually sat with the dye bath, stirring with one hand and googled with my other whether or not potato sacks dyed. I really should have googled first. Luckily all worked out. I can’t wait to sport this around my new state. I’m California grown, but I’m quite in love with this potatoy place.

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Cupcake Crazy Gem says:

Oh my goodness that is amazing! I'm completely in love with it especially the turquoise button! and that you dyed one sack turquoise – how clever is that! If I was American I'd totally tell you to make more and sell them on etsy cause I'd definitely buy one…but I'm not American :( so I can't shop on etsy :( or drink root beer freely whenever I please :( sad times! p.s you're from California? I am super jealous!

Fictitious Fashion says:

you love playing with colors and things we don't even care about.. don't you??? That's a talent.. cun imagine that!! The bag has turned out to be pretty great :)
I like ur outfit too :)


Leslie says:

Great purse. Very creative.

Harley says:

ok that is freaking awesome. and you look adorable.

Ashley says:

This is precious!

Lady Danburry says:

The dying looks great! Did you know you can dye just about anything?! I recently dyed a pair of shoes. The RIT website has mixing recipes for any color you can imagine and different techniques for whatever you're dyeing.

kirstin & jordan says:

awww, love it! I keep finding new things you can dye (like wood! and now potato sacks!).
the purse is great- love the pictures too. :)

Lizzie says:

This is such an awesome and cute idea!

I also love how you manage to combine such different colors together, so amazingly well!

The last photo is priceless ahaha love it.


Meredith says:

um yes: you rock. love it, lady! :)

Susan @ athomewithsarasays says:

TOtally cool handbag. I've never tried dyeing anything but want to give it a shot!

Janel@hatingmartha says:

These are great! Mashed potato great! Adorable…so are the bags!

Beki says:

you are probably the most creative person i have ever had the privilege of meeting. you are awesome, krista!

HollowSquirrel says:

another week, another awesome entry! Well done!!!

Lauryn Clemmer says:

i LOVE this. so so creative. thanks so much for sharing!
{love} lauryn @
i'm a new follower!

Crystelle Boutique says:

Couldn't help it….
This is just TOOOO cute!!!!
I HAD to blog about it…..

Here is the link:

George Smith says:

That is a clever idea! And the handbag looks like not made up from a potato sack. The design and color looks so pretty.

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SuzieQ says:

I love the purse design and would love to have the pattern/instructions. Any chance you will post it on your site?

lazysaturdays says:

Funny you should ask… I’m currently working on the pattern! It probably won’t be out for a little while though. I’m thinking summertime??? I’m really happy to hear you like the design!

Jill Frank says:

Where do you find the potato sacks?? Love the bag!

lazysaturdays says:

Thanks Jill! My dad actually gave me the potato sacks. We live in Idaho though, so it’s not too hard to find them. You could keep your eyes open at grocery stores for them in your area. Some potatoes still come in this type of sack. You could always come visit Idaho and pick some up! Haha! I wish I could be of better assistance! As a last resort, fabric stores sell burlap. You could still get a similar look with it. :)

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