Lazy Saturdays

my momma uniform : featuring max’s hair

{Thrifted shirt, Skirt c/o eShakti, old Target shoes)

Becoming a mom has definitely changed the clothes I reach for in the mornings. As I’ve gone thru the new mom transition, I find myself constantly reaching for the same type of outfit each day. This outfit is my new go-to:

  • Patterned button up shirt: The pattern hides spit up marks, because just when you least expect it, he will nail you with that smelly slime. And button up for easy access to the ladies for breastfeeding.
  • Easy to wash skirt: Let’s face it, everything needs to be easy to wash. But I love wearing skirts right now! Pregnancy has made it so none of my pants fit. Not. One. Pair. Even pants that fit me when I was a heavier weight than I am now don’t fit. And because every day my body seems to be changing, I don’t want to buy anything. So skirts it is! And really, when you’re wearing a skirt, you still feel lovely even if you’re covered in baby fluids.
  • Comfy shoes: Because hauling around this chubby boy in his carseat carrier is hard work. Seriously! You should see my right tricep.

And now let’s talk about my boy’s hair. That’s its natural state. Usually I push it into a little mow hawk, but this day I decided to let it go au naturale. And as you can see, Mr. Personality was not in the mood to smile for the camera. Actually, come to think of it, this kid is all smiles until I pull out a camera. The second he sees it, he turnes to stone. Little booger. Someday I’ll catch that big gummy smile.

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Judith says:

Beautiful photos – perfect to treasure! Just love his hair …

Camille says:

Oh my gosh that hair! That is a work of art. And you are adorable, as always.

lazysaturdays says:

Thanks Camille! You should move to Boise. Just sayin’….

Sally says:

His hair is fabulous! And I think your smile is big enough for the both of you.
Smart point about the patterned shirts–something I hadn’t thought about.

danielle says:

gracious, he is sweet. that hair is killer! my new momma uniform was far less classy that yours. Cheers Momma, you look great.

lazysaturdays says:

Oh I definitely have my less classy days. None of my pants fit, after all, so I have my fair share of days in sweats. Today was one, in fact :)

Natasha says:

Absolutely adorable…I love his hair!
You look fantastic :)

April Aleman says:

That hair is AWESOME!!!! hahahaha I can’t get over the fuzzyness of it all. And, I know what you mean about clothes. More so than ever, being pregnant with a 2 yr old I just want to be comfortable and not worry about spills and messes as we play. So… it just gets more and more fun. :)

lazysaturdays says:

And you look so stinking cute right now too! I keep up on your blog :)

Olivia says:

A- you look fantastic! B- Max’s hair is a work of art! So cute! C- I wear a lot of skirts too. I have two little one’s, and I feel like if I wear a skirt, even if it’s just a simple knit, I feel a little nicer than when I wear my usual jeans.

Sarah Miller says:

Oh my gosh, I love that hair! What a little cutie! I also love polka-dots! That is an adorable blouse, and your hair is very pretty as well. It’s all very well put together, baby and all:)


Mim says:

GREAT SKIRT! And that hair? And you kidding me?! That’s just pretty much amazing and adorable.

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