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So I guess I took an unplanned blog break! Life has been so much fun lately! But also a little crazy. I’m currently working on the mom/wife/self balance. I’m doing a little trial and error, but overall I’d say it’s going well. I’ve never had so much to balance at once! Some days are obviously harder than others (today being one of them), but I think I’m just barely starting to figure a few things out. I definitely have a new cleaning routine down! And living in a clean home feels soooooo good. I’m mostly trying to figure out how to squeeze a little me time in. Goodness, we all need more of that, right?! Ha! What are your life balancing tips? I’d love to hear them! And maybe steal them….

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I’m just barely getting the hang of balancing everything. I found that I really need my creating/sewing time and that I guard it. I do everything I can when my son is awake so I can just sew when he’s napping. (This is mostly because he’s so active when he’s awake and he’s down to one nap.)

lazysaturdays says:

I love the idea of getting things done while he’s awake! And I think it’s good for kids to see their mom working around the house. I can tell Max is going to be a fireball too once he becomes mobile and I think this is a great habit to get into! Thanks for sharing!

laynah rose says:

Such a cute dinosaur! What is your cleaning schedule??

lazysaturdays says:

I started assigning certain chores to specific days. For example, I vacuum the house on Wednesdays. It’s great for me because if I have a terrible day and don’t get it done, it will get done next Wednesday. And if I’m having a great day, I’ll move furniture and vacuum really well. Since I started it, nothing has piled up on me, and that feels so nice. Also, I don’t schedule anything for the weekends, so when Saturday comes I can either catch up or if I got everything done I treat my self to a lazy saturday! Ha!

Julia says:

All I can say is take time for yourself or you will end up going nuts one day and breaking something….like me. Probably doesn’t help that Mia doesn’t sleep through the night and thinks naps are for suckers but I guess this too shall pass.
I figured out that when my house is a mess then I am too and getting up and dressed really helps too. After I had my total meltdown I finally made my kids help seeing as they are 14 & 9.
I think you are doing great just keep it up. :-)

lazysaturdays says:

Ugh! I hear you on the not sleeping thru the night thing! We’re working on that. And I agree that when my house is a mess I am too! Funny how our home reflects our current state of being. And I have to get ready for the day too! That’s the one thing that I HAVE to do every day! I get cranky of I don’t. I just feel gross! You keep up the good work too! Someday we will get more sleep! *Fingers crossed* Haha!

It’s so true what you say ‘some days are obviously harder than others’. Life’s a real juggling act sometimes, but I think it’s about prioritising.

You can’t do everything so try and strike a balance. Sometimes that means letting go of some of the things you’re trying to achieve (like a clean house). In the evenings when the kids are tucked up, putting the computer, phones and TV away and concentrating on yourself can also help!

x Elena @ Randomly Happy

lazysaturdays says:

I like the idea of putting away things after kids are down. Thanks! I’ve definitely found myself cutting out time wasters that don’t do much for me and filling my “me” time with things that make me happy :)

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