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how to make your own stamps

Did you know that many craft stores sell these amazing slabs of rubber? They are wonderful to make stamps out of! I’ve been loving easy, able to finish during nap-time, projects recently. To make, use a metal ruller and large exacto knife to cut off a chunk of the rubber. Then simply draw your desired shape on the rubber, and carve out using a small exacto knife. The rubber slices like butter, so be careful with your fingers. Start with more basic graphic images and get more complex as you get used to this. If you end up creating a stamp you love, glue the back of it to a small piece of wood and it last longer. Have fun creating your new custom graphics! Happy stamping!

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Mim says:

This is awesome. I love me some stamp carving, it’s all I want to do lately!

lazysaturdays says:

Same here! I’m loving it!

Akanksha says:

Hi there..

I’ll make small hearts this weekend. Could you please tell me what colors you used? Fabric colors?
Also, since we put the stamp in colors all the time, doesn’t it get dried up and get stuck up on the stamp/rubber? So it might distort the stamp image.. Shall I clean it after every use? What do you suggest?
Pls mail to

Thank you

lazysaturdays says:

On this post I used just a basic brown fabric paint. Nothing fancy. For the fabric, I printed on muslin. And you would want to clean your stamp as you go. You probably don’t need to clean it after every single application, but you’ll be able to tell when it needs cleaning. I hope this helps! Good luck!

Rosario says:

This is so cute! Great ideas for place mats! Good job

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