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upcycled thursday: stamped blouse

What’s this? A new post?!! And an Upcycled Thursday one?!!!! I need to always remember one thing about Mason’s job: I don’t have a husband during December, therefore I don’t have someone to help with pictures. You’d think he was in retail, but no. He works on a popular fitness website. January means New Year’s resolutions which means more people to their website which means December deadlines which means workdays last till 2am which means wife alone for a month. But I had him to myself yesterday which means I got some pictures of the things I’ve been working on!

I found this beige 100% silk blouse at a thrift store for $3! Score! But the color of the blouse with my pale skin makes me look naked when I wear it. I’m not really into the “I’m naked! Psych!” look, so I died the blouse. And dying silk? Drrrreamy! It’s my favorite. The fabric takes the dye so well. And I’ve really been loving to make my own stamps out of linoleum recently, so I made two different shaped triangles and stamped this cheap, silky dream blouse up with some fabric paint. It was an easy upcycle and it’s been a great addition to my new momma wardrobe. 

So what’s new with you guys? I chopped off about six inches of hair and got a new paint job (Thanks Erin!), but that’s about it around here. Thanks for sticking around even though posting is sporadic, but I’m not going anywhere! I love all you!


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Anja says:

looks awesome. Very nice project! Your hair looks really good and can’t wait to see more projects!! Hang in there, December is hard on us all workwise!!

lazysaturdays says:

December IS rough, isn’t it? It was so much more magical as a kid, right? Every year around this time, I promise myself that the next year I will be more organized. And then I forget I promised that until the week before Christmas :) Haha! Merry Christmas to you! (Sorry for the delay in responding. It’s December, remember? :) )

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