Lazy Saturdays

27 weeks

I have three days left till I embark on the third trimester. It’s insane to me! It’s going so quickly! I’m very grateful the fashion show was during the second one because boy am I starting to feel the aches! No complaints though. My first and second trimesters were very kind to me. I just think the third one will out for me now. But I’m ready for it! Yoga and water aerobics and husband’s back massages! Bring it third trimester!

Since becoming pregnant, I’ve become a super klutz. And my carpet is the one paying for it. I’ve dropped melted chocolate all over it. Dumped two blackberry smoothies and countless bowls of cereal. And recently a giant glass of orange juice found it’s end in our stoffice (studio/office). My mother has been very kind to lend us her carpet cleaner. You think I’d be worried about our unborn child ruining the floors someday. Nope. I’ll be the reason we’ll have to invest in wood floors.


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Akanksha says:

hahahahahah.. You manage to gain more sense of humor cells now 😉
You look very cute in the picture above.. I hope third trimester is as happy and less painful as the first two.. WIsh you all the luck and blessings :)

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Jannapy says:

It’s those loose joints…I missed dropping a heavy skillet on my bare toes by a mere inch recently!

lazysaturdays says:

Eeek! Luckily I don’t own a heavy skillet at the moment. Haha! Glad you’re toes were saved!

Stephanie P says:


Just want to say you are amazing!!!! You inspire me to get my business up and going, maybe one day I can cater your show!!!!!!!

lazysaturdays says:

You’re so sweet Steph. It was wonderful seeing you last week!

Meg says:

Krista, I love how much you are live live living while you are pregnant! By the time I have reached 27 weeks I am not sure what the sky looks like and am very sure of every single line of dialogue in Arrested Development.

You are doing it much better.


lazysaturdays says:

Aww Meg, I’m sure you were much better than you give yourself credit for. Memorizing every line of Arrested Development is not a waste. I doubt a day goes by that it is not quoted in our household. I must admit it’s getting harder and harder to do anything other than walk to the fridge and watch terrible tv show reruns on Netflix. But who cares if you weren’t awesome pregnant. You’re definitely rockin’ motherhood!

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