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coffee filter dress


Tamra says:

O-M-GOSH KRISTA YOU ARE SO BRILLIANT. Marry my husband’s brother? Ok sweet. Thanks for that.

lazysaturdays says:

He sounds dreamy :)

Sarah Elizabeth says:


wondering... says:

I’m just wondering….
Do you make modest trashion?

wondering... says:

sorry, I didn’t mean for that to sound snooty…. I LOVE seeing what you do, and I think you’re a genius when it comes to fashion! I’d just love to see some stuff that could be translated into something I’d be able to wear. :) You’re gonna be the next Coco Chanel, I’m sure of it!

lazysaturdays says:

Oh you didn’t sound snooty at all! And I’d be happy to answer your question! Making the trashion designs isn’t as simple as using cotton to sew a dress. The materials have to be manipulated and sometimes they’re really hard to fit to a body… especially when it comes to making sleeves. Those rarely work out. Most items can’t be made into sleeves because the models can’t move their arms without tearing the dress. There are a few that I’ve been able to make more modest and you’ll be seeing those over the next few weeks. To me, my trashion designs are more works of art rather than wearable fashion. I do keep them as classy as possible though. You’ll never see low cut or super mini skirts from these designs. My upcycled clothing and outfits I wear, however, are always something that a more modest gal can wear.

Thanks for the great question! And thanks for reading my blog!

Alecia says:

While this is stunning and brilliant, I have a hard time wrapping my head (and environmental heart) around your Trashion concept. I am an environmental educator and recently did a presentation on trashion products. What I found in this realm was that many people use items that would be “trash” to create their products, but they don’t use actual trash. Your dress here I find as an example. Correct me if I am wrong, but I will assume you used new coffee filters rather than old used ones. How is this “trashion” or as the event flier promotes “eco-friendly”? I love your blog and am not trying to bash you. I am just more and more concerned with how “green” language is being used as publicity attraction rather than to promote actual ecologically friendly practices.

lazysaturdays says:

Alecia you bring up a fantastic point! And I actually partially agree with you! I’d love to explain how things work on my side. The Sustainability Club from BSU hires me to provide all the outfits for a runway show, which was much much more than only trashion. I provided more upcycled clothing than I did trashed dresses. There were actually three sets to it. Two of them were entirely upcycled clothing and the last was the trashion set. The upcycled sets gave the audience ideas on how to make their old clothing into something new. Those sets definitely provided eco friendly tips and ideas. Every single piece of clothing that I altered was either donated, thrifted, or came from my own closet. I don’t put a ton of that part of the show up on my blog because many of the items have already appeared in previous “Upcycled” posts and I don’t want to repeat too much on here. Now the trashion designs…When it comes to me as a trashion designer, I do not promote myself as “eco friendly,” and in any interviews I do, I do not say my trashion designs are green. I agree that some are not. About half of them are because the materials have been donated instead of tossed into the trash. My friends and family are constantly giving me hilarious items they find in their garages to make into clothes, including an old stroller which you will see later on this blog. So while some of them are green, some are not and I won’t ever say that this is eco friendly. With that being said, this collection actually has more donated items than any of my other sets have before. The club that hires me does all the press, including the flier that you saw on my blog, and uses the show to promote Earth Week. I have no control over how they choose to promote their fashion show. My personal mission with the trashon designs is to make people think outside of the box and make them laugh a little. I mean, who would really wear a coffee filter dress in real life? It’s just for fun. To me, my trashon designs are works of art. And while I do agree that they are not green, I also do not believe that I am waisting resources. A painter needs his paint and a writer needs his paper. I need weird objects :) It’s a wonderful way for me to express my creativity.

Thanks for your comment and I hope this helps clear things up!

Alecia says:

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I am glad to understand more on how the show works and your goals. I am really sorry it sounded like I was accusing you of bad advertising or misrepresentation. I didn’t realize you were hired by the club who produced and promoted the show.

I am all for a goal of creating works of art, which you do beautifully. And resources are never wasted to create something beautiful. Really my concern was with how it was being promoted.

I love your upcycled posts! Keep them coming!
And I look forward to seeing the rest of your pieces.
Again thanks for clarifying.

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

wondering... says:

They truly ARE works of art… and you are incredibly creative. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with the world. You never cease to awe and amaze!

Hannah Jean says:

This is so beautiful and so creative! Just wonderful!

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