Lazy Saturdays

29 weeks

How you know when you’ve gone from pregnant to VERY pregnant:

  • When you get ready to run errands, you don’t just plan the stores you need to run to, but what stores you’re going to pee at.
  • People point you to the nearest elevator even when you’re not looking for it.
  • You become terrified to sneeze in public.
  • Every time you go to stand or try to get out of bed, you count out loud “one, two, three, heave!” And sometimes it takes several attempts… and sometimes your husband has to give you a bum shove to help you off the couch.
  • Your maternity clothes are starting to get too tight.
  • When you drop your keys on the floor, you stare at them for 10 seconds and decide you can go without groceries for another week.
  • People constantly give up their seats for you, usher you to the front of the food line, or ask if you’re feeling okay. {This one has been funny to go thru because I’m feeling great… but then I started editing these pictures for this post and realized how ginormous my belly is getting, and suddenly understood. I wanted to offer myself a chair, footstool, and a donut.}

Despite the hard times, this journey has been so much fun! I can’t believe I get to meet this little guy in about 2 and a half months! I cannot wait!

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Emily says:

Such a cute outfit and funny post! I remember all of those feelings (only you put them so much funnier than I ever could have…love the dropping keys one!) You are almost done!

This was so funny and so true and you are so beautiful.

I cannot wait to meet your lovely little boy.


Emma says:

My man started to think I was playing some kind of game with him when I was around the 37 week mark. I was forever dropping things I needed and he was constantly picking them up for me.

I totally understand with the toilet stop thing too, isn’t it a nightmare, but all worth it. I want another one now, ohhh.

Good luck xx

Michael Ann says:

Oh you look so darling! I just hit the twenty week mark and had my first pregnant sneeze moment yesterday… Hahah I can only imagine what the next couple months are going to bring! That’s so exciting that you’re getting so close to meeting your little guy :)

lazysaturdays says:

Congrats to you! Twenty weeks was when it started getting really fun for me. I started feeling him move a ton! You’re going to love it! And yeah…. sneezing. Hahaha!

Akanksha says:

Hahahaha.. you look so cute.. and If I were near you I’d offer you my chair too.. 😛
Nice post :)

Maybe you have time to read my New Post is up- Everything’s New: Lots of Surprises


Hello! Just found you via EBEW. I love this! Love your style and sense of fun. I am loving seeing an expectant mommy fashion blogger? What number is this for you? You look great!

Regards, Whitley

lazysaturdays says:

HI Whitley! Cool name. I’m happy you found me! This is baby number one! We’re so excited :) And thanks for the compliments… you’re very sweet.

Anja says:

you look breathtaking and soooo pretty. No ginormous in my point of view. Glad you are enjoying every moment – you should as you look soooo happy and pretty! Congrats once again!

Lauren says:

I’m in LOVE with your style, Krista!! LOVE. And I’m in love with you! (that wasn’t supposed to sound creepy), I’ve recently discovered your blog, and your personality, style, and creativity is awesome! 😀

lazysaturdays says:

Thank you so much Lauren! I’m so happy you found my blog… and that you like it too!!

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