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30 weeks //mother’s day weekend

I hope all you mothers, grandmothers, mothers-to-be, hopeful mothers, birth mothers, future mothers and every other kind of mother out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day! I was very lucky to spend it with the ones I loved the most. I’ve been bugging Mason to go to the Boise Farmer’s Market for as long as I’ve known him. And on Saturday, for Mother’s Day, he took me! I had a blast and I think he did too. We’ll see if he goes again….  We ate great food (my favorite was the fresh squeezed mint limeade), and took home some beautiful vegetables.
On Sunday morning, I noticed Mason sneak out of bed. Two minutes later, an alarm on his phone went off that said “Krista stay in bed.” It was hilarious and I obliged. He later came in with the Mother’s Day tradition of breakfast in bed and flowers. It was wonderful to sit in bed with my husband and feel this little boy move around inside of me. I already love him so much! I can’t wait to meet him in about two months. My heart was already so full this Mother’s Day, I can’t imagine what next year will feel like.
Once again, happy Mother’s Day to all you lovely ladies out there! I hope you feel as special as you truly are.

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Gentri says:

So sweet! You look stunning. :)

Dawniepants says:

Oh I love your pictures, that farmer’s market looks gorgeous! You’re totally blooming, loving your pregnancy style!


Johanna says:

Hey Krista,

love that post! I am also a mother-to-be but we did not celebrate on sunday because we were on our way back from London to Hamburg. I’m curious what mothers day will be like next year – I wish you all the best for the remaining 10 weeks!

BiblioMOMia says:

What a sweet gesture–the alarm was absolutely adorable. Think–you’ll have that little man crawling around the house by next Mother’s Day!

Trisha says:

Happy Mother’s Day, my beautiful sis! We’re so excited for you to be a mommy and bring our sweet nephew into the world!

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