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the button up refashion swap : reversible maternity top

Today is the kick off for part two of the Button Up Refashion Swap! You will get to see us all wearing our new articles of clothing throughout the week (See the schedule at the bottom of post).Today is something a little special… Maternity Monday! Myself and Liz from Cotton & Curls are showing off our new tops. I was privileged to get a refashioned men’s shirt from the uber talented Melissa from I Still Love You. Let me tell you about this shirt. It’s AMAZING! It’s a maternity/nursing top. The way I am wearing it here is the maternity way, obviously. There is tons of extra fabric for my belly and I’ll be wearing it till my final pregnant days. After, I can wear the top reversed, where there are buttons up the middle, and use it as a nursing top. I can’t wait to wear it the other way too! I can tell you it will definitely be worn past my nursing days. You must check out Melissa’s tutorial for her reversible maternity top here!

Make sure to check out all these lovely ladies showing off their new outfits this week! Suzannah will be wearing my skirt made from a small men’s shirt on Wednesday.

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[…] more details of her outfit and the fit on Krista’s blog, Lazy Saturdays. This refashioning swap was loads of fun, and I’m so excited to see how everything fits. […]

Miriam says:

This looks SOOO cute on you! I love it even more on! You are a beautiful pregnant girl! Well Styled!

lazysaturdays says:

Thanks Miriam! Melissa did a fantastic job!

Raj says:

You look adorable! The shirt is great and you styled it so well. Glad to have stumbled on your blog today:)

Pink Chai Style

kate says:

you are so cute!!

Miranda says:

You are adorable. And that shirt totally rocks. I’m going to chalk that shirt up to something to look forward to during my next pregnancy…

This is so cute on you! Melissa is brilliant!

April Aleman says:

1. I need this shirt
2. Yes, Wes is doing sports vision training and works with athletes (mostly baseball). It’s pretty neat and he likes it. The hours just stink cuz he hardly is home when baby is awake. I like I call her baby because she so is not anymore.
3. We were talking about you the other day… and I miss you. You were/are one of my few friends I really really enjoyed. It’s hard to find good people like that as an adult. Do I ever get to see you? Disneyland, shows, anything bringing you to Cali? Please say yes!!!!!
4. I am so happy for you and cute Mason. You seem perfect for one another. Again, I am only judging by blogs, facebook, etc, but I like him. And again, give me a new perception by allowing me to meet him, huh!

lazysaturdays says:

I miss you too! Someday you will definitely get to see me! Mason is actually from California as well. The northern parts. And we keep saying we want to road trip the state together and show each other our home towns. Being 31 weeks pregnant makes that trip a little difficult to do sometime soon. But I’m guessing it’ll be our next vacation. Also, Mason will actually be headed out to Anaheim later this year for a conference and I may go with him. That has yet to be decided. If I do go, you’ll be the first to hear! Promise! I miss you like crazy! And I know what you mean by enjoyable friends don’t come along often. And Mason really is as awesome as he seems on these internets. Of course I’m a little biased :) And your little lady is adorable! I want to meet her!

Oh, it looks soooo cute on you!! Great pics, too!

Trisha says:

What a cute top! LOVE!

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