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the button up refashion swap

Today is a really fun day for all you refashioners out there! There are ten amazing bloggers that have taken a men’s button up shirt, refashioned it, and made a tutorial for you! The item was then sent to one of the other bloggers. Next week, we will all post pictures of us wearing our new clothes. Cool huh?! Today there are tutorials on all our sites of our creations! Talk about a crazy inspirational day! Be sure to check out the tutorials from the following bloggers: Jennifer of Grainline Studio, Liz of Cotton & Curls, Megan of Megan Nielsen Designs, Melissa of I Still Love You, Miranda of One Little Minute, Miriam of MadMim, Kate of See Kate Sew, Sunni of A Fashionable Stitch, and Suzannah of Adventures in Dressmaking. I’m so honored to be a part of this swap! I got to make something for the adorable Suzannah of Adventures in Dressmaking. And now on to my tutorial…making a skirt from a small men’s shirt.

My most popular tutorial so far has been, hands down, how to make a skirt from a men’s shirt.  It’s easy and fun to make! But there was one common thing that people ran into… to make that specific skirt, you need a very large men’s shirt. Some people only had a smaller size laying around and some would accidentally make the skirt out of a smaller shirt and then the skirt would be too small for them. I set out to solve the problem. So here’s a tutorial on how to make a skirt from a normal sized men’s shirt! It’s funky and fun and I thought it would look darling on Suzannah! To make the skirt, you will need one long sleeved men’s shirt.

1. Lay the shirt nice and flat. Cut off sleeves and set aside. 2. Cut of the top of shirt just below the collar. Discard or save for another project. 3. Turn inside out and lay flat again. If your shirt had a back pleat, cutting off the top of the shirt will release some extra fabric. That’s okay! Just make sure your side seams are what are laying flat, the excess fabric can be bunched up in the back. 4. Draw a slightly curved line along the sides of the shirt as a guide. I drew mine heavily in white chalk so you could see an example. If doing this free hand makes you nervous, use a skirt you own as a guide to draw the line. Pin along the line.

5. Sew along the line and trim off excess fabric. Press the seams you sewed. (Optional: if you have a serger, you can finish the edges here.) Now, if you’re okay with leaving the hem of the skirt as is (curved), you can move on. If you want the hem to be a straight line, cut off the bottom curves of the shirt and hem the bottom. I did this for this skirt. You can see in picture nine that my hem is straight. I’ve made this both ways. Both look awesome! You can see the skirt with the curved hem here. 6. Now take out one of the sleeves. Cut up along the seam and lay flat. 7. Cut the sleeve into a rectangle. Use a ruller if needed. (Optional: serge the sides.) 8. Get the body of the shirt and unbutton it. Take the sleeve, and pin it to the side with the buttons. Make sure the cuff and the hem of the skirt align. Sew and press.

9. Pin the remaining side of the sleeve to the side of the shirt with the button holes. Sew and press. 10. Now your skirt is almost done! You just need to finish the waist band. I gave this skirt an elastic waist. First I trimmed all the uneven edges from the top. Then I folded over the fabric 1/4″ and then again the width of my elastic and sewed along the top leaving about 2″ open to feed the elastic thru. Feed the elastic thru with the aid of a handy safety pin and fit to your waist. Sew the ends of the elastic together and close up the 2″ hole. You’re done!!! If your shirt is really small, you can make this using both the sleeves instead of one by stitching them together. Happy sewing!

Be sure to check out all the outfits next week! They’re sure to be adorable! Here’s the schedule:


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Miranda says:

Ooh, clever! I love it! Awesome job Krista.

lazysaturdays says:

Thanks Miranda! This swap has been so much fun! I hope we do another :)

Very fun that it’s asymmetrical! Thanks for making me a skirt!! =)

lazysaturdays says:

You are most welcome! It was tons of fun! I hope it fits well :) Can’t wait to see it on you next week!

Michael Ann says:

oh sneaky! great idea to include the sleeves, gathered skirts are much more fun when there’s plenty to poof :] super cute girl!

Melissa says:

So clever to add the sleeve as a fun detail! I also like how it’s asymmetrical.

Can’t wait to see it on Suzannah.

lazysaturdays says:

Thanks Melissa! I showed your top to everyone at my work today and they all thought it was amazing! I can’t wait to wear it now and later too! I can’t decide which way is my favorite. It’s so fun!

maddie says:

This is such a great project that you all participated in. I’m super jealous! You’re refashion is so creative. To transform it from a top into a bottom is just awesome!

kate says:

I love how you used the sleeve in the skirt! Such a great color, too!

lazysaturdays says:

Thanks Kate! I love the jumper you made too! It’s so fun and funky :)

Anna says:

Yay! This swap could not have come at a better time. I’ve had a giant pile of my husband’s discarded dress shirts staring me in the face for a month now. I am loving all of these tutorials!

lazysaturdays says:

Thanks Anna! We had a ton of fun putting it together. I’m inspired myself! Those other ladies are amazing!

Miriam says:

Dude, this is genius. You used the ARM?! So cool and cute!

lazysaturdays says:

Thanks Miriam! And I love your blouse! I can’t wait to see it on Megan!

Jen says:

I love how you incorporated the sleeves into the skirt, super clever!

lazysaturdays says:

Thanks Jen! And I adore your top! The scalloped edge is amazing :)

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Dina says:

Wow! The skirt is cute, and I love the sleeve detail. I’m so making one for my niece when she is here next week! Thanks!

lazysaturdays says:

Fun!!! And so nice of you to make her one. I hope you take pictures! I’m going to be asking everyone to send in pictures of any projects inspired by my blog that they made :) If you want to be a part of one of those posts, send me the pictures! Happy sewing :)

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