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two years ago…

All pictures are by SuzieQ Photography.

Two years ago I married my favorite person in the world. Our anniversary is actually tomorrow, but I’m posting this today. I didn’t want to wait. I’ve had a few readers ask about my wedding recently, so I thought our anniversary would be the perfect time to show pictures from our wedding. I had so much fun going thru our wedding photos! I love how happy we looked on that day and I’m so grateful not much has changed other than my hair is longer, Mason has a job that he loves, and my waistline has doubled in size because of a wiggly little boy that we get to meet in two months. So I guess a lot has changed! Ha! But we’re still happy and it continues to get better.

Mason and I were married in the Boise LDS temple. We spent the morning celebrating with our families and in the evening we had a reception at a beautiful club house on a lake with lots of food and tons of dancing. (Mason can dance ladies. I got a good one.) I designed my dress and had a seamstress make it for me. My bridesmaids wore dresses from Anthropologie. Our center pieces were made from a willow tree in my parent’s back yard that we hung candle holders that my mom made from them. We left rocks on the tables with pens for our guests to write messages on. We also had a candy station filled with a wide variety of treats that people got to fill bags with as a thank you. The only thing I regret from that night… I hardly got to try any of the food because I was too busy dancing away with Mason. But still, it was a pretty great trade off.

Happy anniversary Mason. I love you more than tons.


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OMG!!!! You guys look so beautiful together! I can only imagine how gorgeous your baby will be :) Congrats Krista and wish the hubby as well !

Portia says:

Beautiful pics. Great dress design, and I love the photo with your respective groomsmen and bridesmaids pretending to pull you apart, hilarious!
Congratulations on your anniversary. A man who can dance, huh? They are a rare breed indeed!

maddie says:

Congratulations! I loved looking at all your photos from the big day. It looks like is was such an amazing celebration!

Mason Peterson says:

Best day of my life to that point! But as amazing as it was the last two years have been even better! As you can all see I married up and am a very lucky man. 😀

Johanna says:

Your wedding pictures are really really cute and I wish you a happy second anniversary. I can imagine it’s a special one with your baby boy on the way!

Laynah Rose says:

ugh, wedding pictures are enough to make my heart skip around in my chest right now. how will i ever be able to wait for my day in october??

your dress is wonderful.
and i love the shoes!
and that picture with the wedding party fighting over you guys, haha.

Beverly says:

Your dress. So pretty :)

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