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upcycled thursdays: men’s shirt refashion

You guys, I’m running out of clothes that fit. Last night at 9 PM I went a little crazy and decided I needed a new shirt that fit me NOW! I had this old men’s shirt from a recent thrifting outing and decided it was my new lucky top. Plus, I was feeling inspired by the Button Up Refashion Swap. This top definitely fits my belly, but I know I will still be wearing it after my pregnancy. Win-win. To make it, I removed the collar and pocket, took in the sides (mostly in the bust area, but I will take it in along the torso after I give birth.), and gave it some new sleeves. The whole thing took me about an hour to do. Not too shabby. And when I wore it to my doctor’s appointment this morning, my doctor and nurse both told me I was looking good today. Go new lucky shirt! An eight month pregnant gal can use all the compliments she can score.



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Lea says:

Love!! I will be making a bad attempt at a shirt like this next time we’re expecting! You look great- baby and all!

Dawn says:

You are too creative. Great new look:)

laynah rose says:

Are you kidding me, you could use compliments?? You’re about the cutest preggo I ever did see, just gorgeous. Girls that AREN’T pregnant wish they could be this cute haha. And talented…”ill just take in the sides a little after I give birth like a champ.” nbd. Pretty impressive to a girl who cant sew!

Dawniepants says:

Awwww this is such a wonderful idea, it looks so pretty and great!


maddie says:

You look fantastic! That shirt looks amazing with that belly of yours!

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