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upcycled thursdays: trashion show edition vol. 7

For this outfit, I made a skirt out of some old shorts. For the top, I used an old white sweater and a t-shirt. I dyed the sweater green and chopped it up, then added pieces of the t-shirt for a contrasting color.

Are you enjoying seeing the upcycled outfits from the trashion show? Is there anything you’d like to see a tutorial of? Let me know!

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Lea says:

The sweater and shirt combo is really neat- it’d be fun to know how to do it right!

Mary says:

How do you make a skirt out of shorts!? I have tried this so many times (seems like it would be easy!) and it’s never come out right! I’d love a tutorial :)

lazysaturdays says:

Thanks for the comment Mary! It is really easy and I’ll definitely do a tutorial… probably over the summer after my baby bump is gone :) Till then, if you have any questions about it, feel free to email me!

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