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upcycled thursdays: trashion show edition vol. 8

This is the final upcycling outfit! I made a simple pair of cuffed bermuda shorts from some old pants. For the top, I took a plain white t-shirt I had laying around and dyed it blue. I cut off the sleeves of the t-shirt and added the sleeves from the men’s button up shirt in a raglan style. Then I chopped off the sleeves just above the elbow and added some elastic. I loved the final look. It’s tomboy with a feminine twist. Lastly, I made a scarf out of some of the scraps from a dress that I taken apart for previous outfits.

Have you enjoyed seeing all the upcycled outfits from the trashion show? Is there anything you’d like to see a tutorial of? Let me know!

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Darlene says:

I love all the upcycling posts. It must have been a great show. Congratulations! Btw, do you show the ‘before’ photos as the models come out?

lazysaturdays says:

Yes! You can’t tell from the pictures, but there are projectors on both sides of the stage that show the originals. I made the mistake the very first year I did the show of not putting together “before” slides. The audience was very confused :) Live and learn! And for the trashion segment, there are pictures of the materials before I made them into clothes, so the audience knows exactly what is going on. Thanks for the question, Darlene!

Akanksha says:

wowwwww.. THe shorts look super cool..great work hon! :)

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