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mason, the father of my child…

I love this guy so much.

(Pictures taken at our birthing class. The instructor said she never heard anyone giggle as much as I did while Mason had the empathy belt on. The instructor put the belt on and Mason and he said, “this isn’t so bad.” The instructor wasn’t done. She had to load in a sandbag and some lead weights. Then Mason said “You carry this around every day?!” Haha! Yup. He also says he understands the balance problems and why we squat funny to pick up things.)

I’m a lucky luck girl to be married to this guy. It’s been amazing watching him transition to fatherhood and I CAN’T WAIT to see him with our little boy. One thing I KNEW right down to my core before we got married was that Mason was going to make an amazing dad someday. I’m thrilled that that day is so close.

Not only is he going to be a rockin’ dad, but he takes such good care of me too. Especially pregnant. He does countless little things to help me out. Most nights, when we crawl into bed, he reaches over and rubs my back for a couple minutes. It doesn’t seem like much, but because if him, I’ve hardly had any back pain. If we’re leaving the house and I’m putting on my shoes, he’ll run over and put them on for me. He’ll go to the grocery store with me because somehow pushing around a cart alone wipes me out for a whole day. I don’t think he’s gone a single day since we’ve been married without telling me I’m beautiful, and the compliments increase the bigger my belly gets. I think he knows I need them a little more now. Mason definitely makes pregnancy easier for me. And I can’t thank him enough.

But my favorite thing right now, is the smile he gets every single time he feels our little guy move around.

I think our son (so weird to type!) loves him too. He reacts to Mason’s voice and really starts jumping around whenever he plays the ukulele and sings. July hurry up! I want Mason to meet our boy! I love you more than tons Mason! Happy Father’s Day!

And a special Happy Father’s day to my own dad who taught me everything that a man should be. I’m grateful for his amazing example and for playing catch in his suit and tie every day after work when we were kids.

And a HUGE Happy Father’s Day to all you dads, future dads, father figures, grandpas, uncles, and any good man out there! We women love you and are grateful for you.

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