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the 2012 trashion final collection

Here’s the final collection of my 2012 trashion dresses! I had so much fun making them and have loved hearing your comments on each of them. I’d love to know, which one is your favorite? Also, if you have any questions about the dresses, ask them in the comments below! I’ll answer them all there.

(All pictures link to the original post.)

Coffee Filters

Potato Sacks

Latex Gloves


Stroller and Bike Tubes

Packing Materials

Shower Curtain and Paperclips

Sunday Ads

Toilet Paper

Starburst Wrappers

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danielle says:

i love it! it’s been great following this collection. so very creative!


lazysaturdays says:

I’m happy to hear you’ve enjoyed following along!

Kim says:

So cool! I loved this series! I would’ve liked to see the backs of the dresses as well.

lazysaturdays says:

I’ll let you in on a little secret. You don’t see the backs of the dresses because these dresses were not made for the models shown here. All the dresses were fit to one girl for a runway show. If I had all ten models there for the photo shoot, then I could have shown the backs. But I only had these two darlings, which were smaller than most of the other models so the dresses were too big on them. In photo shoots, if the clothing doesn’t fit the model, wardrobe will clip the back of the apparel so it looks like a perfect fit. That’s essentially what I did for many of these dresses. So that’s why you don’t see the backs :)

Tamsyn says:

you are so talented! I love them all. but I think the streamers, toilet paper, and starburst dresses are my favorite. GREAT JOB :)

Lauryn says:

wow this is incredible. i am truly stunned. can’t believe you created these! would you maybe be interested in doing a little feature guest post about this on my blog? let me know what you think! {love} lauryn @

lazysaturdays says:

Thanks Lauren! And I would love to! Email me at and we can chat about it!

Jacqueline says:

So fun! These look amazing, it’s hard to believe what they were made out of! Awesome!!

Oh I love the starbursts one so completely! Just go on 24 hour runway already.

kait says:

I would so wear the packing materials one. XD Haha.

High Vogue says:

These look absolutely beautiful! And that dress looks really fantastic. The details are exquisite. I LOVE IT! ♥

Reyna Lay says:

Amazing work! What was this collection made for? Work, school, fun?


lazysaturdays says:

Boise State University hired me to make the collection for Earth Week :) They’ve had me make one for three years now. It’s kinda random to be hired by a school, but I love doing it!

Love this colleceion!!thanks very much!!!<333333

allisyn says:

Hello, I’m Allisyn I’m starting Yr12 and I am doing Art,I love your dresses and I was just wondering how you stuck the dresses together. My favorites are the Coffe filter and Toliet Paper dresses. I would like to do something like this but the materials I want to use are out there and I have never seen them used.
Thank you

lazysaturdays says:

Hi Allisyn! I’m happy you like these! I started with a dress i made made from muslin, then applied the rest of the materials by either sewing or glueing. It will take practice. My first dresses were awful! But you’ll get the hang of it! Have fun and don’t get frustrated if the first try doesn’t work out. Many of these dresses are different from my original designs. I’d love to see what you come up with!

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