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upcycled thursdays: comfy maternity top

First of all, I have to say my 34 Week post had some of my favorite comments ever! Thanks for all your hilarious stories! And incase anyone is concerned about my self image, despite all the crazy remarks, I’m feeling awesome! I do feel 8+ months pregnant, but that’s to be expected when I am. And having an awesome husband that tells my several time a day that I’m gorgeous helps too. I’m a lucky lady.

Now this shirt. I’ve outgrown almost everything I own. Let me rephrase… My BELLY has outgrown almost everything I own. Things that fit just fine last week are about to pop a seam on me today. I’ve found myself recently at home wearing very frumpy clothes. And that doesn’t help one’s self esteem when you walk by a mirror. So I’ve been craving a very casual shirt that I can wear around the house while working on projects and doing some nesting. I used another men’s shirt to complete the task. It was super simple for any sewer. I put on the shirt inside out, pinned where I wanted to take in, and sewed. Then I cropped the sleeves, giving them a more flattering angled hem.. Lastly I hemmed the bottom. Now I have a comfy, not embarrassed to answer the door when UPS comes, shirt.  And if anyone is looking at the before and after photo and thinking my belly looks bigger in the after, it’s because it is. The before picture was taken about a month ago. Less then six weeks left of trying to figure out how to cover my belly! Time is soaring!

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Lea says:

Love this top! Your belly looks great- you carry all out front you know! The perks of being super skinny when you start the baby growing business. So excited to make a shirt like this for future use.

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