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upcycled thursdays: maternity shirt revamp

Maternity clothes are mostly horrible. I’ve reached the stage that that’s mostly what I have left to wear. Luckily, some rather amazing women in my life gave me some of their old stuff. And they told me to do as I wished with it. Oh the fun! This was the first top to get a face lift. You guys know I never wear anything white, so in to a pot of dye it went. And that process actually didn’t turn out how I wanted. I planned on dyeing it a mint green color. Great for summer, right? Well, somehow I dyed it an obnoxious shade of neon green. So back to the dye it went. I toned it down a bit with some blue dye, and while it’s not the color of choice, and it’s kinda blotchy ,I frankly don’t care anymore. Ha! For the finishing touch, I took off a lot of the sleeve to make it more pregnant-in-the-summer friendly.

A great story that goes along with this shirt: I have extremely pale skin, as you can obviously see, so white typically doesn’t look good on me. My wedding dress was even off white. When I tried this shirt on for the first time, before I did anything to it, Mason said, “It’s cute… until you add your face.” I about died laughing. His comment sounded so horribly mean and if you knew him, you’d know that that’s something that just doesn’t fit him. Mason has never said anything but amazing comments about my appearance, even at eight months pregnant, so it sounded so hilarious! Just so you know, he meant that the color wasn’t great on me. But still, I quote it often back to him.

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Kelly says:

I actually love that final color you came up with! Earth tones are my favorite, and sage green is my favorite color. This looks like it would pair with sage green really well. :)


lazysaturdays says:

Thanks Kelly! You just made me like my shirt even more :)

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