Lazy Saturdays

37 weeks

This is it! I’m officially full term. If the boy decided to come today, there would be stopping him even though my due date is still three weeks away. HOWEVER… I doubt he’s coming anytime soon. I’ve hardly had any braxton hicks and all the things they start checking about this time don’t look promising for an early delivery. Mason and I have a little bet going on. He thinks our little man is coming early. I think he’s coming late. We shall see.

Also, if you remember me mentioning in this post  that women who were big babies tend to have large babies themselves. Well I was big. Ten pounds big. And it seems my boy is headed that way too according to my doctor. I’m going to have a big fat chunky baby and I can’t wait!

Well I’m off to spend some quality time with my husband before this babe joins our family. Things may begin to get a little quiet around here, but have no fear. I’m stocking up on some great posts for you.

Outfit details: Old Navy top, thrifted skirt, Steve Madden shoes.

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April Aleman says:

hahahaha…. looking at your belly I am guessing 1 wk early and a big baby. I agree 10 lbs big. :) You are darling. You are so lucky you only have a belly and your face and body dont look like your storing water like crazy like I did. Enjoy these last few wks. :)

lazysaturdays says:

I am most definitely storing water! Mostly in my feet and legs. I look like Fred Flinstone at the end of the day, especially now that the weather is hot. My pictures are taken in the mornings before I puff up. I haven’t stored water in my face, which I’m actually surprised at! When I gain weight, it goes to my face. Haha! And I’d happily take one week early!

Marie says:

WOW! Congrats. I made to my due date and then went into labor- lucky me? I was small and had a big boy, but my hubs was a big baby. So I think it was him and not the cupcakes.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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h-vogue says:

Congrats.Love the color combination of your outfit!

Olivia says:

You look great! I hope you are feeling good in the home stretch! Enjoy these last few weeks, if you get them :)

High Fashion says:

WOW! Congrats.!!Wish all is going well with you and your baby!

Luxury Sky says:

There’s no other word to describe this dress and you than : beautiful.

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