Lazy Saturdays


Today is my due date. And I don’t feel like labor is anywhere close. Mason is at work and I’m off to run some errands. My mind is whirling with tons of things. So today I’m officially signing off as a blogger until after this chubby boy of mine arrives. It’s time to put my focus where it’s needed. I have some fun posts waiting to share with you, but now’s not the time. It’s time to wipe everything off my plate and get in baby delivery mode. I’m also going to clean out my inbox today, so if you’re waiting on an email, today is the day! …unless I actually go into labor! Ha! I shall miss you all, but I will be back (hopefully soon)with someone special to share. If you want to know when little man arrives before it hits my blog, follow me on Instagram. My user name is lazykrista. I know I won’t be able to resist posting a thousand pictures there.

I can’t wait to meet this little guy that’s been sticking his feet in my rib cage and stretching his bum out as far as he can! See you soon… I hope!


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kate says:

good luck krista! can’t wait to see the little guy!

lazysaturdays says:

Thanks Kate! And CONGRATS to you!!! So excited!!!

Johanna says:

Hi Krista, enjoy the time until your baby boy arrives! I will miss your posts but you are absolutely right to concentrate on what’s most important right now – your baby! Despite of that I hope you’ll be back to blogging soon!

Alicia S. says:

Enjoy this time and remember Epidurals are our friends!!!!

Ashley says:

I hope he makes his arrival soon! Along with you, I have two other bloggers that I follow that have been expecting. They have both delivered their boys, so you are next! Saving the best for last, eh? :)

Best of luck!

ana says:

Oh GOOD LUCK friend!

Joanne says:

Good luck! I just found your blog a week or so back – I’m 20 weeks and I can’t wait to see your bundle of joy! xxx

Meg says:

Congratulations!! I’m loving your blog! Xo

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