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upcycled thursdays: dresser makeover

Mason and I have had this little dresser sitting in our garage for quite sometime. My mother-in-law got rid if it and I snatched it up! It is the perfect size for a child’s room. Over the past couple days, Mason and I worked on this project together for our son’s room. We are in love with it!

To start, Mason sanded the dresser and repaired a few of the drawers. Then I used a pencil and ruller to draw this arrow pattern on each drawer and taped the inside of my design. Then we painted the body of the dresser and the untaped parts of the drawers a dark blue with two coats of paint.

I painted the knobs for the dresser a bright yellow. They needed several coats of paint. 

We waited over night to let the paint really dry before we went on to the final steps. We removed the tape and taped again so we could paint the inside of the arrows.

We gave the arrows two coats of turquoise paint and let dry. Then we removed the tape, put the yellow knobs on the drawers, put the drawers back in and admired our work. We love it! It was really fun to work on this with my husband too. We definitely brought different skills and I love the memories I know have while creating this. And I really love the way it looks in our little man’s new room. 

P.S. If anyone is concerned about me painting while pregnant, we worked outside, with a fan, and I wore a mask. I was safe. Promise.

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Anja says:

wow, this looks awesome! very pretty colors and great job painting. This will definitely bring a nice vibe to the kids room! Will do something similar soon – only it’s a vintage dresser and we need to find the exact paint color to work on the partly destroyed top of the dresser, while keeping the rest of the original color. Hope it looks just as pretty as yours!!!

Angela says:

The dresser looks awesome. I love it.

Harley says:

This looks absolutely awesome!!!!!!

Tamra says:

I LOVE it! The colors are so lovely. Mad props.

Olivia says:

I LOVE this. I have a very similar dresser and have been trying what to do with it. I have been in the process of planning an overhaul of my boys’ room, so this may just have to happen!

Tamsyn says:

That is so cute!

Lauren says:

dude this is awesome!

It looks beautiful! I love how your mind works!!

Eco Vogue says:

Love this, and I just idolize your style and character!

Kimbercrafts says:

Wow, what an awesome transformation! I love your color choices.

The pics are so amazing!Thanks for sharing.I really like your blog!

Akanksha says:

This is stunning! I’d do it too 😀 what colors did you use? and is that a scotch tape?

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