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diy : color blocked twigs

I made this funky decoration right at the end of my pregnancy and while I was recovering. It was a fun, mindless, easy thing to keep my hands occupied while watching a movie or listening to music. I asked Mason if he thought it was weird. He said yes, but a good weird. Haha!

The steps are really simple. I used some willow tree branches that I had from my wedding center pieces and wrapped them at random points along the twigs with different colored embroidery floss. Tie the different colors together as you go and make sure to tie both ends to the twig. It’s okay if the ends stick out.

Once everything is tied down, trim the ends and use Mod Podge and a cheap paint brush to paste the ends down.

Let everything dry and arrange in a vase or jar. Enjoy your new good-weird decoration! Next time you go somewhere special (vacation, unique date, hike,  etc.) collect some sticks along the way, make this, and it will bring back happy memories every time you look at it!

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Anna B. says:

I love this project! I just had my boys pick up some sticks from our backyard to put in a new vase I picked up at Target over the weekend. This would be a fun way to add some color to them.

lazysaturdays says:

Looks like I posted this at a perfect time! :)

Jess says:

Maybe it is weird, but I like it. I want to try this, it adds a fun pop of color to things.

lazysaturdays says:

Definitely try it :) And I’m glad you like the weirdness! Haha!

Akanksha says:

I love it.. Adore it.. its awesome.. amazing DIY by you again :)

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