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diy : polka dot t-shirt

After having Max, I realized it was going to be a while before many of my old clothes fit again. Most of my t-shirts didn’t even fit! I really wanted some comfy t’s to wear, so I bought some Fruit of the Loom men’s shirts in a size up from what I normally wear. I’ve made over a few of them to make them a little more fun. Simply Spray sent me some of their paint and I’ve had a ton of fun playing around with them. Here’s a tutorial for making a  polka dot t-shirt using fabric spray paint!

1. Make a polka dot stencil using something small and round to trace. (Looking back, I should have made it out of cardboard or a similar material, because the paint pooled on the plastic.)

2. Tape the stencil in place on the t-shirt and cover the other areas with newspaper.

3. Using your fabric spray paint (I loved Simply Spray’s Soft Fabric Paint!) spray your t-shirt lightly. Start spraying on the newspaper and then move to the fabric to avoid any dripping from the paint can. Add more coats until you get the desired look.

4. Move stencil to the next area and repeat taping, covering with newspaper, and spraying. Continue until you’ve cover your shirt.

5. Let dry for a few hours and your done! Make sure to follow the directions on the paint for washing your garment.

I love that this type of paint gives a graffiti feel. This project is sure to give a grunge look to your t-shirt so embrace any spots or mess ups!

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ShannonSews says:

That’s really cute! I love the gray/black combo. I made a polka dot tee with a round make-up sponge and fabric paint {}. I like the look of your sprayed paint with a stencil. Who doesn’t love polka dots?!!

lazysaturdays says:

Right!? Who doesn’t love polka dots!? I love the make up sponge idea!

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