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hair care tips : shampooing and conditioning

I’m so excited to share a little series I put together with my sister Erin on hair tips! For those who don’t know Erin, she rocks and is SUPER talented! She is a New York trained cut and color specialist and has her very own salon. It’s awesome being her sister. She knows so much about hair types and how to make YOUR hair look it’s best. I begged her to share some of her secrets with you and she kindly said yes! I hope you enjoy this little series! *Krista
Hi Lazy Saturday readers! I’m Erin. I’ve put together a little series on how to make YOUR hair look it’s best! I’ll be covering shampooing and conditioning, blow drying, and styling your hair. I love making women feel beautiful everyday and I hope I can help you too! Read on to get tips for cleansing your hair!
Using the right shampoo and conditioner can make your hair look amazing! When using shampoo/conditioner it is always better to use professional brands sold only in salons. Here’re the scary facts: The professional products sold in the grocery stores are not guaranteed. Most of the time they are expired, or diluted products that were not meant to be sold there. (Check any bottle of Professional products. They will always say either “Guaranteed Only if Sold in Professional Salons” or “Sold Only in Salons.”) Rule of thumb- only buy hair products at a salon you trust.
We need shampoo to cleanse the scalp of build up in hair. Both from natural (sebum and debris in the air), and from hair products (hair spray, gels, etc). Conditioners smoothes the hair cuticle back down, while adding important nutrients to the cortext of the hair. Some nutrients that people lack in their hair are:  protein, ceremides, moisture, etc.
Some shampoos are dangerous for the hair. Which is why it is so important to talk to your stylist about what is best for your hair. I always recommend a shampoo which a low pH. One that is the closest to 4.5-5.5 (which is what your hair and skin’s natural pH level is). Most professional shampoos have a healthy pH level (unless it is a clarifying shampoo). I did an experiment once, using Suave shampoo and a mannequin head. I was literally able to perm the mannequins head with the Suave shampoo! It has a ridiculously high pH that is so unhealthy for anyone’s hair! Never ever ever ever ever ever EVER use Suave! You’ll put my lil hairdressin’-heart at ease if you all vow not to. Agreed? Oh good.
I know that purchasing shampoo or conditioner from a salon is more expensive, but it is worth it! Your hair will be much healthier! Plus, you never need to use as much shampoo/conditioner when you’re using professional products. I can’t stress enough how important it is to use professional product for your hair. It’s a night and day difference.
Here’s a few tips for shampooing your hair.
  • Shampoo should only be used on the head and hair that is close to the scalp. If you have long hair, it should NOT be used on the ends. And conditioner should only be used on the ends of the hair.
  • Its best to wash your hair about 3 times a week or every other day, especially if you have color treated hair. Your hair needs some of the natural oils produced from your scalp. And the more you wash it, the quicker the color fades because the cuticles go up when the hair gets warm from the water and releases color molecules. Just like when you’re hot, your pores get bigger and release oil. If you usually wash your hair everyday and want to switch to every other day, don’t worry if your hair feels more oily the first couple weeks. After 2-3 weeks your scalp will get used to it and won’t produce excess oil. (You can also put baby powder in your hair line to reduce the appearance of oil)
  • If you have color treated hair and take really hot showers, I’d also suggest, when washing and rinsing your hair, using cooler water. The hotter the water, the more the cuticles will go up and release the color molecules, causing your gorgeous color to fade.
  • If you want body or your hair lacks volume, use a light weight shampoo/conditionaer. (I like Redken’s Body Full Shampoo and Conditioner)
  • If you color your hair, you will want to use a shampoo for color treated hair to keep it from fading. Each professional color safe shampoo is slightly different then the rest, but I love Pureology or Redken Color Extend and for color treated hair. For instance, with Redken Color extend it has a safe pH level, it has UVA and UVB filters to protect the color fading from sun exposure, it has cranberry oils which help make the color more vibrant and shiny, and it has ceremides, which help strengthen the hair. All this while still gently cleansing the hair/scalp. (Side note, Pureology is hands down my favorite Shampoo/Conditioner, but its very expensive. Its definitely worth the splurge. But if you’re not ready for that commitment, Redken’s line is my next favorite and a lot more affordable.)
  • Curly hair always lacks in moisture since the cuticles don’t lay flat. Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. I’d recommend Pureology’s Hydrate Sh/Con. You’ll be amazed.
  • With all professional hair products, you don’t need to use as much as you would with store-bought products. Less is usually more. I only use about a nickel size on my hair, and I have fairly long hair with a medium thickness
I hope you learned something for the type of hair you have! I’ve tried hundreds of products and listened to all the feedback I get from my clients. When you get your hair done, be sure to talk to your hairstylist about your hair type and what frustrations you have with your hair. You’re paying her/him to do your hair so make sure to get as much knowledge out of them that you can! They’re paid to help you make your hair rock! I’m not compensated for anything I suggest. I sincerely love all that I suggested!
If you have any questions, post below!
Hair drying tips coming next week!

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Nicole says:

Oh how I love Erin and her hair care tips. She sure is a talented stylist! Thanks for all the great tips!

Yay Erin! I guess I should have asked you by now what would be best for my hair! haha!

Jaime says:

Great tips! I think my main concern are all the chemicals in these shampoos and conditioners. (You ever try to read the ingredients…yikes!) I know they work amazingly well, but is there anything more crunchy that still works?

Erin says:

Hi! There are a lot of “organic” products out there. I don’t love them because I don’t feel like they work as well. It depends on the trade-off you’re willing to make 😉
Check out the ingredients in Pureology. They are by far my favorite shampoo/conditioner, and their ingredients are a lot less harsh (no phosphate!)
Hope that helps! :)

Heidi says:

(Krista) Erin thanks so much I am so grateful for these tips, this is awesome! I totally appreciate it and am always trying to understand more because I have NO knowledge on this kind of stuff? PS I have been hearing a ton on this “Ovations” that helps your hair grow, what do you know or think about this?

Erin says:

Hi! To be honest I don’t know much about Ovations. I’ve heard of it, but haven’t heard any feedback yet, Sorry!
However, I can give you some tips to help your hair grow:
-Brush your scalp every night to increase circulation. OR if you have a wonderful Hubby/boyfriend, have him massage your head every night. Most guys seem to love long hair, so you can tell him you’re having him massage your head for him 😉
-Make sure you’re gettin’ your vitamins! I take a multivitamin and have noticed a huge difference after only a few months.
-Get regular trims. Your hair technically grows from the scalp, but if your ends are damaged, they’ll break off and keep breaking until they get trimmed.
-Use a leave-in conditioner to prevent your hair from split-ends. It’ll prevent your hair from breaking and also helps you go longer in between haircuts.
Hope that helps! :)

Jamie says:

I second the chemical concern. Any eco-friendly shampoo/conditioner that actually works?

Erin says:

Hi! Check out the comment I left above about the chemicals. Hope that helps! :)

Anna B. says:

Great post! My daughter & I are going to get our hair done soon so this is very timely advice. She has very oily hair – what shampoo/conditioner regimen do you recommend for that?

Erin says:

If your daughter has light hair, try putting baby powder at the roots and brushing it through. It’ll help absorb the oil.
Or use shampoo/conditioner that helps with volume. They tend to absorb the oil as well to create more volume. Redken and Pureology both have great products. If your daughter doesn’t need more volume, try using a light shampoo/conditioner like Clear Moisture from Redken. Its a very light product for oily hair.
Hope you and your daughter have a great hair appointment! :)

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