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I’ve tried hundreds of products and listened to all the feedback I get from my clients. I’ve put a list together of my favorite products that will give you the results you want while also protecting your hair color and make your hair healthier. I’m not compensated for anything I suggest. I sincerely love all these!
  • For texture, my all time favorite hair product is Texture Twist by Pureology. A little goes a long long ways! It’s a pastey-like wax that you use your fingers to mold or shape your hair. If you like using sprays better, Wax Blast is my next favorite. A fun way to style, is to shake your head while spraying underneath your hair. This will bring out all your layers.
  • If you have a lot of hair, but still need volume, I’d recommend Rootful by Redken.
  • If you want body or your hair lacks volume, use a root lifter. I love Bodyful Volume Amp or Overall Mousse by Redken for thiner hair. For overall fine hair that is also dry, I love Silk Bodifier by Pureology. I would steer clear of Big Sexy’s root lift though. While I love some of their other products, I feel like their root lift strips your hair of their natural oils, and leaves a gross feeling in the hair.
  • If you want a sleek look, use a ceramic hair straightener on your hair. I got Krista to start doing this and her hair looks amazing when she does it! She has naturally straight hair, but running a flat iron through it gives it that sleek red-carpet look. Gorgeous! I love my flat iron from BaByliss.
  • A note on organic styling products. Some companies are being smart and advertising now that they have organic products. Which is great! But that doesn’t mean that other products aren’t just as healthy. (They just aren’t marketed as “organic”)   I recommend specific products based on their hair type and lifestyle. For instance, if some one wants more body but they have extremely dry hair I would NOT recommend a Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. I’d recommend a nutrient -filled shampoo and conditioner to help tend to their hair, and then have them use a volumizing Styling product used just at the root of the hair. That way they get the nourishment that they need, and their hair can also get the volume they desire.

Every person’s hair is so different. What I’d recommend to one person with curly hair isn’t always what I’d recommend to another girl with similar hair. Texture, color, lifestyle (and more) all play a part in what I’d recommend, so be sure to talk to your hairstylist about YOUR hair, lifestyle and budget. Pick her brain! You’ll be much happier with your hair if you do.

Thanks for reading my hare care series! I hope you and your hair have a happy day.
Erin, thank you so much so sharing your knowledge on this subject! Isn’t she awesome? I’m a lucky sister! 

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