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newborn max

Um, how wonderful are these pictures? They were taken by the talented and adorable Anna of Anna K Photography. Mason and I had so much fun watching her work with Max! She is amazing with newborns! Which is obviously why that is her favorite thing to photograph. If you want a little ray of sunshine in your Facebook feed, go like her Facebook page here. Who doesn’t love seeing adorable newborn photos on a regular basis? Especially when they’re of twins? Oh my cuteness. Anna and I have a couple other projects in store together. I can’t wait to work on them and show you!

On another note, how in heaven’s name can I get time to slow down!?! Looking at these pictures makes my heart achey. Max has already grown up so much! But I must say that I love seeing him smile and hear him laugh and so many other things that are coming around. I just wish there was more time to soak up every stage. Sigh. We’re finally starting to get a resemblance of a routine around here seven weeks after his arrival. And I’m starting to figure out how to squeeze in a little sewing time for me too. Oh this new life is wonderful!

Have a happy weekend! I’m going to work on some fun apparel projects and hopefully you’ll get to see them next week!


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Alicia S. says:

Fantastic photos!!! What a cutie-pie :)

Judith says:

Beautiful pictures to treasure…

Alecia says:

He is so adorable! Glad you are finding a routine. That is always helpful.

These are sooooo good!

Gaynor says:

Oh my goodness, I’m overcome with the cuteness! You sound very happy too which is so important. In my experience, despite the challenges it only gets better, trust me I’m cooking number 3 right now!!

Anja says:

oh my gosh, these are sooooo cute! Congrats once again and anna seems really talented. Wonderful pictures!!! Can’t wait to see more pictures.

Ana says:


maddie says:

wow! certainly and utterly adorable is for sure!

Akanksha says:

Aww..Aww Aww Aww.. awwwwwww.. brilliant photography!!! He looks thumb size 😀 cuteeeee :)

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