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two months of max

I can’t believe it’s been two months already! Time is soaring by and I’m trying to bottle up every moment of this little man. Mason and I are over the moon in love with Max. His personality is starting to show and he is ALL BOY! Haha! Sometimes we have a hard time getting him to go to sleep when he is exhausted because he doesn’t want to miss a thing! He loves loves loves shadows. He could stare at them forever it seems.  And he laughs at them. Cutest thing ever. He also thinks his sneezes are hilarious and he’s laughing and smiling at us all the time. Our hearts are permanently melted. And he can roll over. Yeah. This little determined spirit is going to be walking before I’m ready!

I’ve never felt so much joy in my life. It’s MUCH harder now, but oh how it’s worth it! I would never wish to go back to life before this time. I adore my husband and little boy. Life is good.

Max’s awesome onesie is from Little Treetops

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Anna B. says:

He is adorable & that shirt is just too cute!

Anja says:

wow, what a cutie and oh you look so great together! Love it! hope you have the best time together!!

Autumn says:

You make such a beautiful Momma!

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