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I’m almost done with organizing my recipes! As a gal that likes to cook and owns a lot of recipes, that’s saying a lot! On my kitchen counter, I have a magnet board that I use as a recipe card holder while I cook. It tends to get easily cluttered with recipes and I had a bunch of random magnets holding everything up. It was a complete eye soar. I made some new magnets to help with the clutter and with the visual problem.

IMG_8445All you need to complete this easy little project is some clothespins, paint and paint supplies, magnets, a glue gun, and some pens.

IMG_8447First, begin by taking apart your clothespins. Then paint them any color you desire and let dry.


You can leave them plain if you desire, but I used some Micron pens to add some pattern. I love love love Micron pens for fine details! They come in a large variety of thicknesses. I’ve been using them for years!


Once your doodling is complete, put your clothespin back together. It can be a bit tricky, but keep at it and you’ll get it back together.


I’m really happy with the way these turned out! I love my new recipe box and recipe display! If you like my magnet board, this one on Amazon is very similar to the one I own!


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kate says:

Fun project, your house must be so cute. I share your love for Micron pens, the best!!

Laura says:

How fun! I’ve got to make some of these, my fridge needs a make-over desperately!

Akanksha says:

wowww..this is insanely creative krista.. you must do a home-tour too.. your home must be so colorful 😀 please please! 😀


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