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my recipe box

One of my goals for 2013 is to become more organized. My recipe organization at best was pathetic. I had a large box that I would throw all my recipes into. I ultimately wanted to create a binder for them all. I’ve had that plan since 2005 and my recipe collection has become a disaster. I ditched my original binder plan this past week. I decided a normal, simple recipe box was what I really needed.  I ordered this cheap recipe box and added a little paint to make it my own. All I did was use a pencil and ruller to draw my design on the box. Then I added paint one coat at a time letting it completely dry between each application. I started out using tape to get straight lines, but it started pulling at the paper the recipe box was made out of so I mostly painted this by hand.I really tried to go with colors that I normally don’t use and I really am happy with the way this turned out! I also made some little dividers myself out of kraft paper card stock to organize my recipe cards. This little box has made all the difference! My recipes are all in one place, easy to find and take up hardly any room.

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kate says:

pretty! I love the colors.

lazysaturdays says:

Thanks Kate!

Maider says:

Cute!!!! It can be a nice gift and quick to make.

lazysaturdays says:

It would make a great gift! I hadn’t thought of that!

Erin says:

I love this! You have just inspired me…

Janine says:

Oh i really really really like that!!
That’s such a good idea. Thinkin about trying this out…

Erin says:

that’s an awesome idea to make one that matches your kitchen’s colors. Love the idea of giving as a gift too! Put a few of your favorite recipes in there to start and even add some ingredients for a sweet housewarming gift basket :)

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